Fourth Annual Yogini Yogathon Fundraises for Free the Children

Practicing seven hours of yoga, enjoying a catered lunch and fundraising for an international charity while networking with like-minded women isn’t what the fourth annual Yogini Yogathon is all about. The event is an opportunity for women to empower themselves, become agents of change and share their talents with others. It’s an opportunity to fully embrace what it means to be a woman — and an incredible one at that. This year’s Yogathon is taking place on May 4 and is exclusive to women. Held again at the Glebe Community Center, it’s focused on a new charity: Free the Children which works within Canada and internationally to provide aid and education for children.

yy6The day will begin with an introduction about the charity and its work, followed by EmpowerFlow with Megan Campbell, the event’s founder and head organizer. Ana Skarakis will instruct a special Flamenco Flow class which involves yoga, flamenco and Indian dance, then Jamie Ackhert will lead a partner yoga class. Lunch includes Shop for A Cause, where participants have the chance to purchase gifts and products that will benefit  numerous charities. The afternoon kicks off with Forrest Yoga by Edith Parinas, followed by Happy Hips with Janice Tokaryk and a yoga dance trance to conclude the day with Jen Stow.

Participants are asked to fundraise in honour of Free the Children. Those who go above and beyond the expected $108 donation will receive a number of prizes including a free year of yoga from Pure Yoga (first place), a free year of yoga from My Virtual Yoga (second place), a free spot to the Journey of the Yogini’s Nicaragua trip (third place),  a free commitment fee for the Yoga, Action, Adventure: Rwanda trip (fourth place) and a free spot and donation on your behalf for the Be the Change: 30 Day Body, Mind and Soul Challenge (fifth place).

Additionally, an Ottawa charity will benefit from the day as $5 from every commitment fee will support the Amethyst1 Women’s Addiction. ?And $5 from every commitment fee will also go towards Waves of Hope, an organization that aims to improve education, healthcare and infrastructure in a small Nicaraguan community.

It’s an inspirational day of learning, sharing and giving back with women from the Ottawa yoga community. And even if you haven’t done a great deal of yoga, all classes are suited to every skill level, making it accessible and inclusive to all women.

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