Fresh looks and cool new trends

When a few designers show similar designs, patterns or colours on the spring/summer runways, those become the ‘trends’ and the new must-have looks.

For fashion risk-takers, there’s plenty of new fodder that will brighten up your wardrobe and add a refreshing twist. Fast-fashion brands tend to turn around the major trends quickly and offer a close resemblance of the high-end designer’s styles, making it easy to scoop up top styles.

Ready for a fresh start? Try a new look that will infuse your style with modern elements for a beautiful spring in Ottawa.

How to Wear Neon

The brighter the better! Fluorescent shades hit the scene this year with fashion ‘it-girls’ wearing the trend after the Spring/Summer runway shows. From punchy pinks to highlighter yellow and vivid greens, spring looks brighter than ever with neon hues that will inject a pop to your wardrobe. 

Before shopping the trend, look to the runway for inspiration. Loud and proud luminescence rocked the runway at Brandon Maxwell, Tibi, Cushnie and more. Think flowing dresses, two pieces, capes and separates – as long as it looks like a shade of highlighter, you’re good to go. Dip into it now with accessories to lift a monochrome outfit or wear the bold hue with workout gear or on your new swimsuit. Not only is the bright hue flattering it also adds a touch of optimism and fun.

Animal Print Q+A

Q: I always wear patterns (floral and checks) to the office to get away from the usual blue, red and orange associated with the political parties. The leopard print that's around at the moment seems a bit bold for me. Is there a professional way to wear it to Parliament Hill?

A: Animal prints might seem more wild night out than something you'd wear to a Monday meeting, but incorporating this print into your weekday wardrobe is a clever way to insert a 9-to-5 look with some personality. I recommend looking for smaller leopard prints or seeking out different colours to the classic tan and black. You can also tone down this classic print by pairing it with a solid colour tailored jacket or with some black flats. Chic and completely appropriate for the fashion-prudent Hill, leopard print is a fun and modern look.