Fringe Review: Who, Me

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Photo credit: Rob Lloyd

In a humourus self-examination, Rob Lloyd examines the pros and cons of being an obsessed Doctor Who fan. Is this what every fandom nerd experiences? What are the consequences of such an obsession? The play explores the dark secrets of fandom and makes light of them.

I am not a Doctor Who fan. I may have seen perhaps three episodes. My daughter on the other hand is fascinated by the series. It is probably safe to say that we all like certain shows and follow them diligently to various degrees.

Some people take it to the next level and become immersed in the show. They seek out every obscure detail of trivia. It becomes a consuming passion. At that point you are into fandom.

Since 1996, Rob Lloyd was a fan of Doctor Who. At one point, he even stole 20 VHS tapes of episodes to feed his fixation. Through his experience and as an actor he became fascinated with the idea of looking into whether being a fan of something or being obsessed with something has an overall positive or negative influence on ones life.

In this play, he explores his life, through a court case set in his mind, of the meaning of being a nerd. One argument is that they are maladjusted, rude hermits who spend their time on the internet gossiping about their shows. Or is there another side?

I admitt that I could not follow the many cryptic obvious references to the show. But many of the Doctor Who fans in the audience appreciated them. I feel that my not being able to follow the references poignantly made the point of the sub-culture that fandom creates. Lloyd says that, “Some of my most cherished performances of this show has been with entire crowds who only have a passing knowledge of the TV show.”

This play presents the idea that sub-cultures create unique social connections that benefit the participants.

Rob Lloyd delivered a high energy, witty, and flippant presentation of his idea. He has been continually working this show for six years with his director Scott Gooding. It has taken him all over the world.

“I'm excited to see if any of my stories of fandom and obession ring true to audiences here in Ottawa,” states Lloyd. From the over 30 people in attendance at opening night, I would say yes.

Playing at the Arts Court at 2 Daly Avenue.


  • SATURDAY, June 10 9:30PM
  • SUNDAY, June 11 3:00PM
  • WEDNESDAY,  June 14 7:30PM
  • THURSDAY,  June 15 6:00PM
  • SATURDAY, June 17 10:00PM