Fun summer history activities for kids

Installment number two of MOM I’M BORED is all about history. 

We are so lucky to live in Ottawa and have access to some of the best museums, such as the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History. But there is also the Bytown Museum that offers fantastic insight into the history of our incredible city.

Sadly, all are closed but all three offer some fantastic online resources to keep your kids learning.

View of Parliament Hill from Victoria Island, 1891. (Courtesy Hydro Ottawa)

The Bytown Museum’s history itself dates back to 1898 when the Women’s Canadian Historical Society of Ottawa was formed with the goal “to encourage the collection and preservation of Canadian historical records and relics and to foster Canadian loyalty and patriotism.” It had a few homes but has now in its permanent location by the Canal locks off Rideau Street.

It is an incredible museum, jam packed with fun facts about Ottawa so be sure to head there once it opens again.  For now, it is opening its virtual doors with a tour of its collection accompanied by a cool questionnaire to keep your kids busy. 

Start with the tour followed by the questionnaire.

However, there is more in store. In fact, they have little info moments on Ottawa’s history. Head to  and scroll down to Bit by Bit for each episode.

History fanatics will love the audio tour of the museum accessible online as well. 

This might come as a shock, but Hydro Ottawa has a cool history section with fun facts that might surprise you.

Paralympic athlete and disability advocate Rick Hansen donates a glove he wore during his incredible 26-month, 40,000-kilometer Man-in-Motion journey to the Canadian History Museum. (Courtesy CHM)

The Canadian War Museum and the Canadian History Museum both have sophisticated online programming, as you might expect.

To keep going on that virtual museum theme, there is a site called which is the largest digital source of museum resources in Canada.

The National Holocaust Monument is an outdoor activity for the whole family.

There is one outdoor monument in Ottawa that is breathtaking and accessible even now during COVID-19:  The Holocaust Monument

The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust, and the millions of other victims of Nazi Germany and its collaborators. It also stands as a tribute to the courage and resilience of the survivors who were able to make their way to Canada following one of the darkest chapters in human history. The monument recognizes the immense contributions these survivors have made to Canada.

You can head across the street to the huge windows at that Canadian War Museum and take a peek at the tanks from outside. 

Kids can learn in so many different ways and online supports can keep their little brains activated over the summer.