Gal’s Night Out

So, you’ve decided to leave the comforts of your home. Your gal pals have coaxed you into a night of socializing in a public setting. Or, maybe, you’re the one doing the coaxing. Either way, you’re wondering which public setting is the best to invest your time and money in. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

May we introduce the ultimate guide to a night out in Ottawa with your lady friends. From the beer drinkers, to the posh elderflower whatever lovers, we’ve got you covered.

The following are three potential courses of action for your next cheeky night out on the town. Each path starts with a pre-game location and ends with a late-night snackaroonie. You can mix and match, or, follow our (superb) suggestions just the way they are. Get ready for an evening filled with endless tomfoolery, good drinks and good eats. Let’s go ladieeeeees!

PATH #1 Is for the hipsters who don’t identify as “hipster” but couldn’t be categorized as anything else. These girls enjoy a good craft beer, pub vibes and comfort food.

Ministry of Coffee (photo credit: Tori Hannah)

Ministry of Coffee and Social Affairs (1013 Wellington St. W)

  • Chill and ambient setting
  • Good music (alternative music for alternative girls)
  • Exceptionally hipster beer and cocktail menu
  • Their coffee is also a hipster’s dream if you’re not a drinker

Pour Boy (495 Somerset St. W)

  • The name says it all (cheap drinks and cheap food)
  • No entrance fee
  • Super duper wavy feel
  • Chase your shot of Jameson with pickle juice if you’re brave enough

Elgin Street Diner (374 Elgin St.)

  • Open 24hrs
  • Best milkshakes in Ottawa (order Chocolate Oreo if you’re into that)
  • Opt for the Rideau Bakery egg bread whenever given the chance
  • Supremely (supremely) delicious poutine
The Rabbit Hole (photo credit: Mitchell Cole)

PATH #2 Is for the elderflower whatever lovers. Those girls who really value quality over quantity. They’re also people who will attempt eating hot soup after a night out.

The Albion Rooms (33 Nicholas St.)

  • Advertised as “craft cocktails & farm to table food” (if that’s not an elderflower whatever lovers’ dream we don’t know what is)
  • Feels fancy, therefore, you will feel fancy
  • If you want to impress someone, bring them here

Rabbit Hole (208 Sparks St.)

  • Lots of elderflower things here (wide range of delicious cocktails)
  • Pretty lights hanging from the ceiling (this is important)
  • The dance floor is downstairs if you’re feeling frisky ladies

Pho By Night (309 Dalhousie St.)

  • Open until 4AM (Fri, Sat)
  • Great pho and other yummy eats 
  • Seriously though, try not to spill that hot broth girly
Heart and Crown (photo credit: Shauna Bradley)

PATH #3 Is for the group of girls who can devour both all you can eat sushi and pizza in the same night. They also live for $3.99 beers and would dance enthusiastically to subpar live music.

Sushi Kan 3 (228 Albert St.)

  • Make sure you prep for consuming excess amounts of sushi and beer beforehand
  • $3.99 beers
  • All you can eat sushi, that’s all we have to say

Heart and Crown (67 Clarence St.)

  • Usually a long line, make sure to get there by 11PM if you’re not willing to wait (Fri, Sat)
  • Cheap entrance fee of $5
  • Live music (mostly subpar but sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised)
  • Very large dance floor, lots of space for activities

House of Georgie (211 Gilmour St.)

  • Open until 4AM (Fri, Sat)
  • Sold by the slice
  • Fast service
  • Ask for gravy on top of your slice. You won't regret it.

So, gals, which path is your yellow brick road?