Garden Promenade, Ottawa-Gatineau’s New Garden Attraction marks the Launch of Garden Days across Canada

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Photos by Andre Gagne

Launched today at the Global Centre for Pluralism's new Forecourt Garden, Garden Promenade will be promoting 40 gardens and over 70 different garden experiences in the Capital. Ushering in 10 days of national celebration, Canada’s garden culture here in Ottawa will draw your attention in a variety of ways be it through the natural beauty, ways to take care of the gardens and stories.

Garden Days are Canada’s coast to coast celebrations, which gives the opportunity for Canadian garden lovers to enjoy their own garden, visit other gardens in Canada, and provide options to be visited by gardening enthusiasts, families, schools and tourists. It is a unique opportunity to exchanging passions that come from more persoal connections to gardening. Not to mention that gardening is also very therapeutic. 

Behind these events is the coordination, support, and supervision of the Canadian Garden Council which is the institution responsible for provincial and national garden organizations. The Council works “for the sustainability of our communities, and promotes the joys and benefits of gardens, gardening, urban and municipal landscapes and green infrastructure.”

“People see buildings, people, animals; but people do not see gardens” were the words of some of the leaders of the event.

“Garden Days champions the garden experience sector's contributions to the well-being of Canadians; the sustainability of our communities; and promotes the joys and benefits of gardens, gardening, urban and municipal landscapes as well as green infrastructure. In our role as the national umbrella body for provincial and national garden organizations, we are pleased to support a new garden attraction in our nation’s capital.  The Garden Promenade exemplifies how Canadian cities can leverage garden attractions for increased visitation, community well-being, and economic growth,”  says Michel Gauthier, Executive Director, Canadian Garden Council.

Gardens Ottawa and the Council wants to encourage our government, locals, visitors, businesses, and all kind of organizations to recognize the value and potential of our green spaces for our community, our physical and mental health, and our environment as a whole. The event contributes to the quality of life and the beautification of Ottawa through the creation of, and care for, gardens. The strive to work beyond the city with organizations like Landscape Ontario, “the province's premier horticultural trades association that represents, promotes and fosters a favourable climate for the advancement of the horticulture industry in Ontario.”

“As the official gardener of the Capital, the National Capital Commission is proud to support the Garden Promenade, an excellent new way to experience the beautiful gardens, extensive green spaces and historic landscapes that are defining features of Canada’s Capital Region,” said Dr. Mark Kristmanson, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission.

Between Ottawa and Gatineau, beautiful gardens and with creative designs, colorful flowers and millions of plant types will be waiting for you. According to today's media release, The Garden Promenade “opens up diverse gardening experiences and programming for tourists and residents alike underscoring the growing significance of the garden culture and garden tourism in Canada.”

From the Governor General's residence to the Central Experimental Farm to Parliament Hill and MosaïCanada in Gatineau, seasonal garden celebrations with special activities such as Yoga in the Garden take place from May to October. These events include  the just completed Tulips on the Garden Promenade (Canadian Tulip Festival, May 12-22); Garden Days (Ottawa,June 9 – 18); Garden-Party (July 22-23); Garden Photo-Fest  (August 19-20); Gardenlicious (Sept 22- 30); and Fall Rhapsody on the Garden Promenade (October). 

Garden Days and the Garden Promenade Ottawa/Gatineau’s New Garden Attraction will undoubtedly bring a touch of nature, environmental awareness, beauty and freshness to the many celebrations in honor of Canada's 150th birthday.