Gas Grilling Made Easy with Weber’s Spirit Series

Last summer, Weber conducted a survey to uncover the truth about Canadians and their love for grills. Weber discovered that 20% of Canadians owned two or more grills and preferred Weber as their number one grill of choice.

With Weber’s wide variety of 2013 gas and charcoal grills out for this summer, narrowing down which grill is right for you can be confusing. If you are looking for a convenient grill that is simple to start up, requires minimal cleaning and can help you achieve great taste, then Weber’s gas grills may be just what you’re looking for.

Among the various gas grills Weber has to offer this summer is the Spirit Series. Consisting of a collection of stainless steel and black grills with three key features, these grills are for people who yearn for practicality.

The Spirit Series consist of grills for grillers of all skill levels. The three key features include: classic fold-down tables that are perfect for preparing food; a built-in thermometer and gauge that allows you to easily read and manipulate the grill’s temperature; and an electronic crossover ignition system that makes the grill easy to start. Spirit E 320 -

One particular model found in the Spirit Series is the Spirit E-320. Manufactured to accommodate the unique needs of grillers who enjoy barbequing a lot of meat, this gas grill is perfect for those who like grilling different foods all at once. As the biggest grill in the series, the E-320 has three burners and has a cooking area of 529 square inches – big enough to comfortably fit 21 hamburger patties.

With porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates and flavoring bars, the Spirit Series gas grills are perfect for creating quality barbequed cuisine at your convenience. The stainless steel work surfaces gives you space for slicing and seasoning the meat, while the six steel hooks, two swivel casters, and locking casters with an enclosed cabinet are the ideal storage place for precious equipment. Another advantage to the Spirit Series gas grills is that there is no messy clean-up or charcoal to deal with when you are finished grilling.

If you are having difficultly deciding between a gas or charcoal grill, the Spirit Series Gas Grills are perfect for people who want a simple grilling experience with no messy clean- up.

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