• By: OLM Staff

Gelato, by any other name

When the hot weather descends on Ottawa, and the sub-zero winter is all but forgotten, one cannot help but thank Italians for their welcome addition to the world’s cuisine.  Yes, when it comes to what the Italians have brought to the world’s plates, they would’ve easily received a passing grade with their contribution of pizza, pasta, biscotti or wine.  When the Italians greeted the world with a cone, with glistening gelato scoop smugly nestled within it, they have truly earned their high five from the world.

Ottawa too is alive and well with delicious options for those seeking a summer refreshment. Little Italy is, not surprisingly, home to one of the more impressive gelaterias in town.  Pasticceria Gelateria on Preston Street is definitely the place to go should you have a hankering for an honest to goodness fruit gelato.  Raspberry gelatos have never had it so good.

Should you, however, have a craving for a rich, chocolate dessert that will leave your taste buds covered in creamy cocoa and hazelnut ice cream, then Truffle Treasures are the place to go.  The baci flavoured ice cream truly is a kiss to the senses.  This is not your regular chocolate ice cream.  This is a delectable treat that’s not too sweet, yet hits the buds in all the right places. With a hint of hazelnut, it feels like you’re munching on frozen Nutella.

Should you wish to take a short drive out of time for some gourmet ice cream that leaves you dream of the treat for days to come, I highly suggest paying a visit to La Cigale in Chelsea, Quebec.  Sure, it is a 15-minute drive, but the quaint bright house will surely repay you for your efforts.  With a rainbow of ice cream flavours, mixing white chocolate and raspberry, this  is the type of ice cream that summer was made for.