Genre-Defying “Enter the Drag Dragon” Hits the Big Screen this Summer 

The first drag-fu-action-comedy-horror-musical film ever made hits the cinema this August and was filmed here in the Nation’s Capital by Ottawa native Lee Gordon Demarbre.

Demarbre has directed previous local cult hits like Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter (2001), which has an astonishing 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Smash Cut (2009), and the Harry Knuckles series (1998-).

His latest film, Enter the Drag Dragon, has been in production since 2019, and Ottawa residents will have the chance to view it at Cineplex South Keys from August 18th to 24th. The campy film will have you laughing until you cry.

In keeping with Demarbre’s previous works, the hilarious flic is 613-centric in its exterior shots and sense of humour—a pleasant departure from Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto-made films.

Demarbre knows a thing or two about making movies and also knows quality when he sees it. He runs the program catalogue for The Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa’s favourite little big movie theatre with a great 1950s vibe.

ABOVE: Ottawa filmmaker Lee Gordon Demarbre. (Photo: Petr Maur)


Far from buying into the idea that Ottawa is where fun goes to die, Enter The Drag Dragon makes Ottawa look like the whacky-zany place it can be. We’re not talking about unleashing Jean Chretien in a park to Shawinigan-shake the masses, just drag queens fighting zombies with Kung-Fu in the park.

The plot centres around Crunch, a part-time private detective and full-time drag queen. Our protagonist and his best buddy Jaws, a fast-food delivery person, like to wind down at the end of the day by watching Kung Fu movies in an abandoned movie theatre in which they’ve lived most of their lives with their childhood guardian, Fast Buck. Crunch lives by one rule: never cross a cross-dresser.

Crunch spends most of his money to keep a roof over their heads and popcorn in their theatre buckets. But when Crunch takes it upon himself to crack a big case involving a stolen painting that could solve the ancient mystery of an Aztec Mummy, he releases an ancient army of the undead—and so much more—to guard the treasure and secrets of the past.

Crunch and his pals must band together to survive the challenges of the biggest case he has ever faced. Throw in an imaginative blend of lost puppies, corrupt cops, ninjas, androids, streakers, ghosts, and add a dash of budding romance. You have a recipe for something totally unique and completely Demarbre.

Photo: Petr Maur


The film features local legends like Johnny Vegas and Ottawa funnymen like actor Phil Caracas who played Jesus in Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001). It also features cult-film legends like Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger – 1984) and Greg Sestero (The Room – 2003). Enter the Drag Dragon is a category-defying film that is kinda cheesy in all the right ways, small budget but not pretentiously indie, and is uniquely Ottawa; it’s not to be missed!

When you see the movie at Cineplex South Keys you’ll be able to say that you saw the world’s first drag-fu-action-comedy-horror-musical while supporting local filmmaking. Make sure to share your experience online using the hashtag #dragsplotation, and remember, never cross a cross-dresser!

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