Get a hit of ‘da Kink in my Hair

Ever since Jillian Keiley took over as artistic Director for English Theatre at the National Arts Centre, rare has there been a show that does not entertain, whisk you away into another world, make you think, give you a fantastic top-quality theatre experience, or all of the above. The season opener, `da Kink in my Hair, written by and starring Trey Anthony, is no exception.  It falls in the “all of the above” box.

A semi-musical that takes place in a salon, guys might be forgiven for thinking this is for the ladies.  It isn’t.  The fantastic storytelling, the hip language, the strong characters all transcend category and will entertain everyone.

“If you want to know a black woman, you touch her hair,” says Novelette, the main character and owner of the salon.  As Novelette works her magic, one client at a time, each hidden story with all of the struggles and at time triumphs of the human spirit are revealed, moving the audience.  Their stories are varied, some are tragic, sad and some are funny.  Each woman is as unique as a head of hair and each story is intriguing and Novelette’s healing touch not only helps her clients, but lifts the audience up along with them.

web_2__largeFrom the beginning when the cast’s glorious voices fill the theatre along with their infectious energy, you know you are in for a treat for the ears, eyes and mind.

Everything about `da Kink in my Hair is wonderful.  It is no wonder it has enjoyed theatrical success around the world since its debut in 2001.

Don’t miss it. It runs until November 5th