• By: Samantha Lapierre

Get Ahead of the Curve with Algonquin Trades

Algonquin College has been training students in skilled trades for over 45 years. Additionally, out of 20,000 students at Algonquin College, 1,900 are enrolled in skilled trades programs. Matthew Dicaire can’t wait to enroll at Algonquin College in the Basic Electrical program. On top of his education, he also has to complete 9,000 hours in the field before he can officially be a licensed electrician.

The process has required Dicaire to find a Master Electrician (someone who is a fully licensed electrician) to hire him as an apprentice. When he completed his hours and has passed his courses at Algonquin, he will take a test with the Ontario College of Trades. The test requires a passing score of 70 per cent. If this is achieved, Dicaire will receive his license and can start working as a contractor.

“The main reason I wanted to get into the trades was to be able to do something that was hands-on,” says Dicaire. “Becoming an electrician was something I wanted and I knew I could pursue.” Becoming an apprentice allowed Dicaire to receive paid work, as well as a sense of what the trade required of him. He says he chose to pursue the program at Algonquin because it has a great reputation. “My coworkers told me they chose Algonquin because it is known for being focused on the trades.”

Dicaire says that he has learned a lot through his apprenticeship and is looking forward to beginning his studies at Algonquin. “I am learning how to work with clients, as well as how the business side of being an electrician functions. I am also learning the construction side of the trade. The hands-on work has taught me a lot.”