Get Lost in Shipwrecked with the Company of Fools

Photo courtesy of Andrew Alexander

Clever and funny are what you expect from the Company of Fools and its latest creation, Pomme and ‘Restes: Shipwrecked! On the Tempestuous Lost Island of Never, is no exception. It is currently running at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

Photo courtesy of Andrew Alexander

Characters from various literature classics, including Captain Hook, Prospero, his daughter Miranda (both from Shakespeare’s The Tempest) and Anne of Green Gables, are thrown together with the lovable and endearing clowns Pomme Frites and ‘Restes, (created by the Company of Fools) into a crazy plot. The Fools have woven elements from many sources into the story. You get a bit of The Tempest, Anne of Green Gables, Robinson Crusoe, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Abbott and Costello and Star Wars, to name a few. The result is a night of silliness and fun. That’s what the Fools do best and they don’t disappoint.

All the actors, (Pierre Brault, Jesse Bruck, Scott Florence, Margo MacDonald and Katie Ryerson), are wildly entertaining, highly energetic and, when appropriate, over the top. The costumes and set are also fabulous.

Escape the stresses of the pre-holiday rush with a night with the Fools at the GCTC.   It runs until December 14th.