• By: OLM Staff

Get reading with Ottawa’s best indie book stores!

I love reading! If I am stressed, bored, nostalgic, happy, cold or warm, I just read a book. In this journey of learning and entering into a new language and a new culture, reading has been my best exercise. Since I arrived in Ottawa, one of the most important things that I did was to look at bookstores, even before going to get my Social Insurance Number or bank account. I wanted to find independent book stores in which I could feel the small of old papers, as well as have the option to buy a new book.

I found different options, each one with their stories and their special touch. The best five book stores in Ottawa, perhaps, can help you to find your next book and have there a great experience!

Book Bazaar

Since the first moment, I had a special connection with this book store. Book Bazaar is a family-owned small business, located in Centretown and with more than forty years in the market. They have not only a large eclectic mix of books, but also they have an extensive selection of sheet music and books on music. They open seven days a week, so you do not have excuses to visit them.

Perfect Books

Located on Elgin Street, this independent shop opened its door to satisfy the necessities of their clients. Perfect Books is the house of fiction, mystery and science fiction writers and readers; as well as political and history readers. The value added of this bookstore is they have events, book club, and incredible fast delivery orders.

Books on Beechwood

They are very experts when it comes to biography, history, children’s books, and cookbooks as well. Books on Beechwood is another independent store located, of course, on Beechwood Avenue. They are very involved in their community and neighborhood so if you go and see CD´s by artists from the area, do not be surprised and, rather, support local talent, as this independent bookstore does. One more thing: if you are confused and you do not know what kind of book read, let yourself guided by the knowledgeable staff.

Haven Books

Ottawa is a capital in which there are a lot of national and international students. This bookstore is specially created by students and for students. If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to buying new textbooks, this is the right place. What is more, if you do not bother reading and selling used books, Haven Books offers you different good options.

Other recommendations include Black Squirrel Books (1073 Bank), Octopus Books (116 Third Av.) and Singing Pebble Books (206 Main).

Five recommended books which you might read during this year:

  1. One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter by Scaachi Koul: A  collection of essays on how is to grow up as the child of immigrants, casual racism and dating a white guy are some of the points that she treats in her book.
  2. The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neill: Between New York and Montreal there is a story of two orphans who dream of opening their circus as both have good talent: a genius pianist and an expert in comedy and dance.
  3. Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis: What it would be like if animals had human intelligence? Would be even more unhappy than humans are?
  4. Nostalgia by M.G. Vassanji: A modern and ambitious humanity lead us to think of an unexpected future. The perfect life, the perfect body, immortality and the whole can achieves. The desire and the eternal youth for the fear to die or to grow old.
  5. Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson: About a teenage boy who might be more than he appears to be. You will think you know Jared, but you won’t.

And you, what book do you recommend reading this year?