Getting my second shot at home and how to find out if you qualify

Last week, I received some good. My appointment to get my second dose of the vaccine had been moved up. As if that wasn’t good news already, I was also asked if I wanted it to be done at my place. I immediately said yes. So, I’ll be receiving it on July 4th. My original date was in August.

When I posted on social media about receiving my second shot at my place, many had questions. By the looks of it, almost none of my friends knew that it was even an option. An option that should’ve been available from the start, and definitely from the start, I know many that would’ve said yes for many reasons. I genuinely hope that by writing about it, that more people can at least look into it and see if they qualify.

By now, you’re probably wondering how this all came to be.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was watching the news. A story aired about homeless people and people in low-rent housing receiving the vaccine in their homes. Based on the story, it seemed to be available to those with physical and mental health challenges that prevent them from getting vaccinated in a clinic.

My first thought was that I didn’t qualify. I go out almost every day, even if it’s just around the block. I was okay with booking Para Transpo or possibly a cab to get my second shot. It certainly wasn’t ideal, but I can do it. In my mind, I also figured that there are probably lots of people that can’t leave their home, so let them use it. They need it more than I do. I basically waved it off.

For those wondering, to find out if you or someone know is eligible, please call 613-691-5505 and choose option # 2 to request in-home vaccination.

That number, along with other helpful information, can be found on the Ottawa Public Health website at

Thank you, Ottawa Public Health, for all of the fantastic work that you continue to do.

And now, back to my story.

A few weeks went by since I saw the news story. I noticed that many of my friends were either getting their first or second shots. At the same time, though, some were still having great difficulties with booking an appointment. For me, I was quite content with keeping my original appointment. Plus, I already had my hands full with training new caregivers.

One day last week, I received an email from my caseworker at the LHIN. She informed me that Ottawa Public Health would be calling me, and they called the very next day.

Based on our phone call, they’ll also be doing a few others in my building after me.

I know that Ottawa Public Health has partnered up with at least one or two agencies, but I could not find the original news story or a list.

My apologies.

I think that more people should be made aware of this, and also, a more straightforward explanation of who qualifies would go a long way.

So, while America is celebrating July 4th, I’ll be getting my 2nd dose. Any celebration from me will happen later.

Hopefully, the side effects (if any) won’t be too bad. I’m getting the Pfizer one again.

Before I end this edition, I want to end out two very special thank yous.

This week marks one year since I joined Ottawa Life Magazine. I truly enjoy having a space to talk about issues that affect people with disabilities. The mainstream media often ignore PWD. Having this space to address their concerns as well our story truly means a lot to me.

Thank you to everyone at Ottawa Life Magazine for giving me a chance and for continuing to believe in me.

Last but certainly not least.


Thank you for reading. Whether you’ve been a regular reader or you’re brand new, thank you very much for reading. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with some of you regarding topics written here. I always enjoy getting feedback, both good and bad. So, don’t be shy.

Thank you, all. I appreciate it.

I hope you all have a good week and stay safe.

See you next week.