Give your kids a competitive edge with international experience

As the parent of a young millennial, you might be worried about their desire to prioritize experiences like travelling the world over owning a home and saving money. But what if your child could explore a new country while discovering their strengths and making strides in their career?

A working holiday is a great option to consider for fulfilling both travelling dreams and financial responsibilities. It gives young people the opportunity to broaden their outlook, learn new languages and meet people from all walks of life while developing life-long connections that strengthen their place in a global workforce. All this while still earning money and working towards their financial and career goals.

Research shows that youth with international work experience are less likely to be unemployed because of the personal and professional skills and knowledge they gain. In fact, a majority of employers who hire recruits with international and intercultural experiences say these employees enhance their company's competitiveness.

Worried about the work permit process? International Experience Canada manages youth mobility agreements between Canada and over 30 partner countries and territories that facilitate work permits for youth aged 18 to 35. Because of these agreements, work permits under the IEC are generally easier to obtain, less expensive, more flexible and are processed more quickly than other types of work permits.

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