Glam Up Your Closet for Spring!

Spring has not only Sprung, with home refreshening in the mix, but what about reorganizing your closet? It’s time to switch out the winter clothes and bring in your new season’s wardrobe.

As climate can be extreme in Canada, we look forward to the next months of warmth. For me, that means reorganizing my closet entirely so that all of my winter pieces are neatly relocated. The odd day will have a mild chill, but certainly not requiring the layers of February.

Removing everything from your closet and having a plan is a good idea. Some years my wardrobe expands with suits, or it might be handbags so I have to rethink how I can keep everything in an accessible place.

I make sure that all of my blouses and dresses are together on soft satin hangers so the shoulders don’t lose shape. Jeans and casual clothes have their own section opposite to skirts and workwear.

There never seems to be enough space, and I like my clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories to be seen at a glance. Store your most used items at eye level and least used items up high. I keep my shoes the most accessible as it is so easy to forget what I have if they are not visible.

Having sections in drawers to separate items is ideal. Ikea has mastered all of the options for moveable compartments to house belts, scarves, jewellery and accessories. I personally love drawers for folded items and never do I overload them.

Important too, is to coordinate hangers to keep your closet looking neat. Having the right pant, skirt and dress hangers also helps items keep their structure. Don’t over clutter so clothes aren’t jammed in and stay pressed. Wicker baskets are very useful for items like stockings and socks.

A walk in wardrobe is not always an option.  If space is available in perhaps a spare bedroom, that can be an ideal place to create a walk in closet. With the many organizing solutions available, any size closet big or small, can can be a good functional space.

Glam up your closet! A simple chandelier, a little rug and if space allows a little piece of artwork and some fresh flowers. I keep my favourite L’Occitane Verbena room diffuser in with my clothes so they too have a seasonal fresh scent.

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Til next time,