Gliding Shelf Solutions: Upgrading Your Home is Within Reach

By Karen Temple

To reach your Crock-Pot, do you have to get on your knees and haul out the Mixmaster, deep fryer and the blender? If so, then it’s time for gliding shelves.

Gliding shelves are the perfect way to use every inch of your kitchen cabinets. All of your appliances and supplies will be within reach and, best of all, organized. These shelves are strong. Each holds up to 100 lbs.

And the beautiful part? Installing gliding shelves is so easy. A consultant will come to your home and show you samples so you can see the end product firsthand. Your existing cupboards will be measured and the consultant can make suggestions to improve the overall function of the kitchen. For example, she said many of our cupboards were designed inefficiently and the storage in our island was completely dysfunctional. Used mostly to store plastic storage containers, one risked having the whole pile topple over each time you reached into the island. The consultant removed the centre stile and reconfigured the interior layout. That change, combined with altering the shelf height, made the island a mecca of utilitarian space.

Page47_Gliding_Island After

The consultant is incredibly thorough. She takes her time taking exact measurements and making an accurate drawing of your cupboards. She gives you a final price and delivery date right on the spot. All of this was accomplished without emptying any shelves.

We opted to have gliding shelves installed in our kitchen but they are versatile and can be installed almost anywhere. They would be fantastic in a bathroom vanity or even a linen closet. The folks at Gliding Shelf Solutions would even install them in your RV.

Our Baltic birch pull-out shelves were reasonably priced and made right here in Ontario using the highest quality material.

If you’re a DIYer, you can visit the web site for measuring information and order the shelves for shipping directly to you. But if you are like most of us, you’ll opt for the free consultation and installation. Adding gliding shelves to your kitchen is the easiest way to increase the value of your home and, with the lifetime warranty, you can make the purchase with confidence.

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