Globetrotting with Florian Hoefner

Before heading over to Europe by way of NYC, pianist Florian Hoefner brought some “Luminosity” to the basement of a former Lowertown church. Along with Seamus Blake on sax, Peter Kronreif on drums and Sam Anning on bass, Hoefner played selections from his new album, Luminosity, to a buzzing crowd at the Saint Brigid’s Centre for the Arts. Hoefner spoke of the eclectic worldly mix in his band with members from Australia, BC and Austria, with Hoefner himself being German-born but recently settling in St. John’s after a stint in New York.

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The show was part of the Winterlude launch weekend and put on in partnership with the German Embassy. The set reflected Hoefner’s new East Coast home with nods to traditional Newfoundland music which included working a jig into a toe-tapping jazz rendition. These cuts, mixed in with the new tracks as well as a cover from some “pop band from England” (that just happened to be named The Beatles), made for a wonderful night of globe trotting without leaving your seat, or the beats.

All Photos by Andre Gagne