Go Natural With Rocky Mountain Soap Company!

Beauty is no longer just skin deep. The average Canadian uses up to 10 different personal care products on his or her body every day – potentially exposing ourselves to more than 100 chemicals in just twenty-four hours. In that most of these chemicals are not being tested by either the Canadian Food Inspection Agency or Health Canada, it is impossible to have peace of mind regarding the real effects. Although we may be using small doses, consider that the average woman ingests as much as four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime, and you begin to comprehend how a little dab here and there adds up! But thanks to increasing awareness and some health conscious companies, natural and safer personal care products are proving serious competition for their synthetic counterparts.

One Canadian company is dedicated to creating products that are safe for their customers. Rocky Mountain Soap Company is passionate about finding the most nurturing and therapeutic ingredients nature has to offer. Their bath and body collection contains 100% natural ingredients, and all products are free from parabens, chemical fragrances, sulfates, or any other synthetic ingredients (some of which have been linked to cancer, reproductive abnormalities, birth defects, and more). Why natural? Rocky Mountain Soap Company stated, “For us, it’s simple: natural is clean, safe, sustainable, and it just works. Chemicals are unnecessary and not worth our health or the earth.”

Ottawa Life Magazine decided to put some Rocky Mountain Soap Company products to the test. For one week, writer Courtney Richardson put aside her old face wash, toner, and moisturizer, and went au natural! The healthier replacements were Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s Rosehip Transformative Cleansing Oil, Aloe Hydrating Toner, and Pomegranate Day Cream.

The first observation: unlike the old, synthetic products (with their sizeable share of unpronounceable ingredients), the Rocky Mountain Soap Company products’ contents really could be found in nature, from jojoba seed oil to witch hazel to marigold extract. It’s nice to know you’re not slathering nasty ingredients on your face – after all, when it comes to your beauty regimen, who do you trust more, Mother Nature, or some guy in a lab coat?

While Richardson was already enthused about the 100% natural ingredients, it was time to put the products’ quality to the test. After all, many of us fear that skipping out on synthetic ingredients will also mean skipping out on effectiveness! The Rosehip Transformative Cleansing Oil was used first – by applying 1-2 pumps onto a cotton pad, and wiping away make-up and dirt before bed. While it did feel a tad greasy, it effectively removed all make-up and left the skin feeling soft and supple. This was followed by the Aloe Hydrating Toner, applied by misting the skin and wiping any excess oil away with a cotton pad. The toner left the skin feeling fantastic – both clean and refreshed. Finally, the Pomegranate Day Cream was applied the next morning, which smelled good enough to eat, and left the skin feeling invigorated and soft.

One week later, and Richardson is a Rocky Mountain Soap Company convert! In addition to smelling unbelievably scrumptious, the three products revitalized her winter-dry skin, evened her skin tone, and best of all – didn’t expose her to a cocktail of harmful ingredients. Rocky Mountain Soap Company said it best – “if there is an ingredient that could potentially be harmful or could have adverse long-term effects on our health, why would we use it in our products when there are healthy and safe alternatives?”

Rocky Mountain Soap Company has 10 stores across Canada. Those locations not in a mall are powered with 100% wind power. Their packaging is developed with sustainability in mind, and is either recyclable or made from post-consumer recycled material. All shipping boxes are re-used as much as possible, and packed with biodegradable cornstarch ‘peanuts’. While Ottawa is not lucky enough to have a store yet, customers can shop online and purchase natural products ranging from soaps to perfumes to deodorants to hair care. (Richardson also sampled – and loved – the company’s lip glosses, in delicious flavours like peppermint, berry, and cinnamon!)

When it comes to your skin and body, don’t take any chances. Be an informed consumer, and err on the side of caution when it comes to the use of chemicals. Thanks to companies like Rocky Mountain Soap Company, making safe and non-toxic product choices has never been easier.