• By: Keith Whittier

Goodbye Laundry, Hello Dry Cleaning Delivery

The last day of summer has flown by and cold sleepy days are ahead of us. You don’t need to be convinced that soon it will be too cold to leave the house and that piles of clothes won’t be disappearing. But there is a new dry cleaning delivery service in Ottawa that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Luxe Garment Care, which launched last month, provides an on-demand dry cleaning delivery service for busy professionals in Ottawa and surrounding areas.download_(1)

“We realized that there were no convenient options in Ottawa for dry cleaning. Although there are a lot of dry cleaners in the city, none of them provide a delivery service that accommodates the lifestyle of the customer,” says Robert Given, founder of Luxe Garment Care.

Customers can sign up for service on the website and request a pickup. A driver will come to pick up their clothes at the chosen date and time. The clothing is taken to a select local dry cleaner and then returned promptly within 48 hours.

A text message is sent to you when your order is on its way. Payment can be made upon return of your clothing, or, on the Luxe Garment Care website. There is no charge for delivery.

downloadLuxe Garment Care operates from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week and is looking to change the way that people clean their clothes in Ottawa.

“We want to make the process as easy for the customer as possible so we offer extremely flexible pickup and drop times,” Given says.

The company is also a big supporter of the green movement and only uses 100% environmentally friendly practices to care for their customers clothing. They are also a proud partner of The Green Garmento, a reusable laundry/garment bag which helps to reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of plastic that gets thrown away every year. Plus, it keeps your clothing protected while on its way back to you.

download_(4)Now that laundry isn’t taking up all your free time, what are you looking forward to doing?