Goodfood Market Free 1 hour grocery delivery is good news for Ottawa

Goodfood Market is the leading online grocery delivery service in Canada. Their innovative approach to consumers has changed how Canadians think about and access groceries.

What started as a meal kit subscription service in Montreal in 2014 has morphed into a delivery service to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast, unique, and accessible quality grocery options for Canadians. Goodfood clients save time while shopping for exclusive grocery items with a lineup that includes unique private label products and farm-fresh ingredients at great prices.

It’s a classic story: Three entrepreneurs start a company from an apartment in Montreal, Quebec, to make their lives easier—and that of their friends and family. But the idea took off, and just seven years later, the company has more than CAD$100 million in quarterly revenue.

“We started as a meal kit operation with six, seven recipes a week and people coming to the website for their weekly subscription of meals,” says co-founder Neil Cuggy, President, and Chief Operating Officer of Goodfood Market. “But we quickly realized that our customers wanted a lot more of their food needs met by us. Today, Goodfood customers can go online to shop for a meal kit, a meal, a snack, or over 1,000 grocery products for their daily food needs.”

“It could be a prepared meal to reheat, or something that’s frozen,” says Cuggy. “Simplifying the experience with great-tasting and well-priced meal solutions is at the core of what we do.”

After successful launches in Montreal and Toronto, Goodfood is now expanding its online grocery service with one-hour delivery in Ottawa and Gatineau to make it more convenient than ever for capital residents to get their groceries. Besides the free* 1-hour grocery delivery, clients can choose from thousands of high-quality grocery items and everyday essentials at grocery store prices.

Exceptional meats, seafood, cheeses, veggies, sauces, spreads, desserts, and cooking and baking items are available for speedy delivery alongside their well-known, restaurant-quality meal kits and ready-to-eat options.

Goodfood offers customers a $0 minimum order anytime between 8 am and 10 pm, 7-days a week, and there is no subscription required. The additional benefits of Goodfood are that it is convenient, time-saving, and provides a fulsome selection of exceptional quality products at store prices.

Soon all residents of the capital will be able to take advantage of Goodfood's unique services—high-quality grocery products delivered right to your door within 1 hour.

Some conditions apply. Visit for details.

*The service is free for 90 days, then $5.99/month unlimited deliveries or $2.99/order.