• By: OLM Staff

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Callenges of Government Lawyers by Elizabeth Sanderson

ISBN/ISSN: 9780433498636   Publisher: LexisNexis Canada

Elizabeth Sanderson, LL.B., has spent her career making a difference. Among the vanguard of young women lawyers who kicked in the door of the predominately "old boy's club" that was the Department of Justice in the 70s, she devoted her career to recognizing the rights and enhancing the lives of those on the margins of Canadian society.

Sanderson spent the last decade championing the causes of the Aboriginal people of Canada. Possessing extraordinary intelligence and unmatched integrity, Sanderson was often called upon by the Justice Department to deal with complex and difficult issues. As the Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Aboriginal Affairs, she was key to Canada recognizing the atrocity that was our Residential Schools’ system and subsequent efforts toward reconciliation.

She established and headed the Public Law Policy Section at the Department of Justice, under which reform of the Canadian Human Rights Act was initiated and which encompassed Private International law, access to information and privacy and Judicial Affairs. She was the legal coordinator for the Minister of Justice during the Charlottetown Constitutional Reform process. Over time Sanderson became recognized as a policy expert on equity issues. She has returned to the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, she has developed and teaches courses on the practice of law within government.

Her recent book, Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Callenges of Government Lawyers is the culmination of her long and accomplished career in public law. In high demand, the book is a definitive guide that delves into the ethical and legal practice issues that arise in connection with lawyering for the Crown. It is particularly timely given the SNC Lavalin scandal that rocked the Justin Trudeau Liberal government.

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Callenges of Government Lawyers is a must-have book for government lawyers who want to better understand their practice, their role and the ethical duties of public law.