Great way to spend your night … Catch 9-5

There is nothing like a good musical to pick you up when you are feeling down and 9-5 fills the job nicely.  For those you may have forgotten, 9-5 was actually a 1980 film that went on to become one of the highest-grossing comedies.  Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton were the stars with Dabney Coleman as the evil boss.

Parton turned the success of the movie into a hit musical and Orpheus Musical Theatre has a fantastic production of it playing now at Centrepointe Theatre.

All photo credit: Valleywind Productions
All photo credit: Valleywind Productions

Everything about the show is great. It is a true, thigh-slapping, funny escape.

Three female co-workers who have been wronged by the boss concoct a plan to get even with him.

There is Judy, a woman forced to get a job after she is ditched by her cheating husband and is then humiliated by Hart. There is Violet, a smart manager who keeps getting overlooked for promotions because she is a lady and then there is the sweet, well-endowed southern belle Doralee who is the subject of skirt chasing from the vile “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot” boss, Franklin Hart Jr.

He not only skirt chases her but he spreads untrue rumours that he is having an affair with her,  the genesis of her being shunned by everyone , as she later discovers.

When the truth comes out, she joins forces with the other two maligned women Judy and Violet, and the plot for revenge is born.

Their plan takes a few unexpected funny twists with hilarious outcomes but ultimately the good gals win.


Parton composed some catchy tunes and she rightfully was nominated for numerous Tony Awards for her creation.

As for the acting in the Orpheus version?  It was superb. The singing, the dancing and the supreme greatness of the lead actors makes this a fun night all around. Melinda Hudson (Judy),   Beki Lantos (Violet) and Christa Cullain (Doralee) are, without exception,  phenomenal.  As for Brennan Richardson (Franklin Hart Jr.), he is deliciously dislikeable and utterly despicable as Hart. Perfect.

Actually the full cast, the large ensemble, pull off an excellent production. Even the set and costumes are fabulous.

You can’t go wrong with 9-5. It is a great way to spend your 7:30-10.


Don’t miss it. Get your tickets at  It runs until June 8.