Grilling Accessories for Modern Man

It is estimated that man has been grilling meat for over 125,000 years.  A flame, a surface to grill, and a piece of meat are still really all you need right? Wrong. Man has evolved along with his inventions of the wheel, the printing press, the Internet, and barbeque accessories. These high-tech accessories from Weber are so easy to use even a Neanderthal can figure them out:

Weber Style Wireless Thermometer With Two Probes

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.27.54 PM


Have primitive meat thermometers let you down? Of course they have. Ensure your guests live to taste barbeque again with preprogramed USDA approved temperatures. Two probes allow you to check the temperatures of two meats simultaneously. Weber also carries less brag worthy single probe digital thermometers.



Weber Gas Grill Rotisseries

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You can put your spear away –the Weber Gas Grill Rotisserie actually turns meat for you. Powered by a heavy-duty electric motor these rotisseries can handle a large roast or a whole chicken.




Grill Out Handle Light

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 5.27.42 PM


Tired of searing your hands? Watch your grilling with the Grill Out Handle Light.  With three LED light bulbs that last for 10,000 hours, the Handle Light lasts long enough to watch your meats grill to perfection or transform into dark matter.




Weber® Grills Free App for Android Phone

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Don’t stare into your pilot light looking for inspiration, stare into your phone …more. With weekly updated recipes and over 60 guides, tips, and techniques you will never have an excuse for poor grilling again.




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