Gypsy “Now Playing” in Cornwall

Are you into rock, soul and some blues?

Then you have to be at Gypsy’s new CD release party this Saturday at the Lola’s Pub in Cornwall.

The Cornwall based band is releasing “Now Playing” – their second album. Gypsy members: Camil Lapointe (guitar), Christine Hickey (cello), Bobby Tessier (bass) and Jim Sharp (drums) will play 12 songs from their new album.

The songs will appeal to anyone who is juggling a daily job, has a family, relationship and or is facing any number of the challenges that come up in Eastern Ontario.

Drummer, Jim Sharp says inspiration for their music came from people and life around them.

“There are a lot of stories that come from observing and listening to those around us; conversations about the stories of our lives and our friends,” Mr. Sharp says.

Saturday’s performance promises a fusion of different styles.

“If I were to try and describe our style, I think I’d say we’re eclectic, and proud of it,” Mr. Sharp says.

Gypsy also takes pride in Cornwall – a town just one-hour away from Ottawa – where the band was formed in 2007. Three years later, they released their first album dubbed “Smalltown Fables.”

As in their first album, in “Now Playing” the band has embraced the local all the way, engaging a Cornwall production team in their recordings. For example, for their CD cover, local photographer Jason MacNamara took a picture of the band in front of the Port Theater – a heritage and cultural landmark of the town.

All four members live and work in Cornwall. Because of their daily jobs, they haven’t done much touring. They meet only in their  free time usually in the dining room of one of the members, in order to write music and practice. But Mr. Sharp says for them music is not a job but a pleasure.

“We consider being a “musician” is a time for relaxation and friendship – a chance to share and jam with other musicians and evoke a response from our audiences. We are reminded of the old joke, “Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a musician.” To which Mommy replies, “You can’t be both!”

In the Cornwall community, the band is known as organizers and fundraisers of various charities. Bob Peters, a senior development officer with the City of Cornwall, says that simply through their music,  local bands like Gypsy help change people’s perception of Cornwall as a mere manufacturing town.

“That might have been true 20 years ago, but today we are a modern city. We have a really thriving art and culture scene.” Mr. Peters says.

It is a second CD produced in Cornwall, four more are scheduled in the near future. Mr. Peters says he hopes that one day Cornwall will be known as a hub for music talent.

Gypsy will perform on Saturday, May 5th at 9:30pm at Lola’s Pub 616 Pitt Street, Cornwall, Ontario. Admission is free.