Haircuts and Colors In Style This Winter

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

This quote resonates with many women. Hair whether it be long, short or none at all, can be an integral part of a woman’s identity. For me, I have long brunette hair, and I gain confidence through my long locks. I have always had long hair, and it has always been a difficult decision when the time came to get a haircut. Whenever I go shorter or dye my hair, it’s never a decision I take lightly. That being said, I am considering upheaving my look and looking to go blonde: a drastic choice that I still waver on.

Change of season usually prompts change and many women choose to revamp their look. Therefore, exploring hair style and colors trends this season could be a useful tool to help other women with their image shift decision.

Here are some trendy haircuts and colors to try out this season if you are looking for a change!

The lob

The long bob aka the lob is a classy haircut that allows women to stray from the traditional categories of short or long hair. The lob has been  a fan favourite among hairdressers as this cut compliments a woman’s face shape and collar bones. The lob is great choice because it doesn’t take away from a woman’s natural beauty in her face or body, rather is acts as a showcase for the two.

I always worry that my long hair takes away from my other features, in that it covers a lot of my body and requires to be put up when hard work needs to be done. Where long hair falters, a lob can thrive. A long bob can speak sophistication and elegance and looks great in a professional setting. It makes a statement without requiring accessories or an updo. Lobs are great for those wishing to go shorter without wanting to commit to a “short” hairstyle.

Strawberry accents

Though strawberry accents seems like a fall trend but in the colder season when added to brunette or blonde hair it can bring a much needed sense of warmth. As someone with pale skin, my face tends to get washed out by my dark hair in the winter season. Strawberry touches can fight the neutral tones of winter and create a glow that will make you stand out. Since ombre and balayage have been trendy for a couple years now, those who have recycled the look numerous times may be a bit tired of it. Therefore, these accents can give those women a fresh take on the trend. Since this look is an accent, you can do whatever you like with it. Strawberry only on your ends-in the back-on the front-tons of strawberry-or only a slight hue. It’s up to you to make this look your own!


Roots can be argued as a pesk, as striking sign of unnatural color (oh no!). However I have seen roots be utilised by stars like the Kardashians, especially Kylie Jenner. Whatever your opinion on roots is, it is obvious that they are trending. I personally love the look of roots, I think they look edgy when the contrast between colors is high, and they look naturally beautiful when the contrast is low. Roots are a bother to dye every month, and I think embracing them can save your wallet as well as create a trendy aesthetic. If you have dyed hair, consider letting it grow out a little. There is virtually no consequence as you can simply dye over them if you don’t like it!


For some balayage is a trend that stuck and is now a staple hair style. For others, it’s a daunting style they’ve never tried. Having a gradient of tones in your hair can be boring  for some and intimidating for others. Either way, it is a relevant color technique. Balayage can provide a solution for dyed hair growing into natural color and can provide a warm and natural looking touch of color. It can bring out your eyes and draw attention to your face as it’s color slowly changes as it moves down. I think itis an amazing solution for those who want a change but do not wish to commit to dying their roots every couple of weeks. It gives those who wish to stay in the natural hair color realm an opportunity to explore color while still feeling like themselves. Whatever hair color is may be, balayage is not going anywhere and I recommend it to those who haven’t to try it.

Long or no fringe

I’ve noticed more and more celebrities ditching a fringe and opting for a lower profile look. Personally, I have moved away from having a fringe because it is too much of a hassle and I love the natural grown-out look. Having a fringe in the winter time can be a complicated relationship. It can get in your eyes, which can be frustrating when wearing many layers. Materials that produce static like wool and fleece are more commonly worn to stay warm. If you are considering a haircut, or you have a fringe and are looking to try something different, even this small change can make a difference in terms of your face shape, and the variety of hairstyles you can accomplish.

Short and straight cut

It is a misconception that short hair is not versatile. Take a note from Dua Lipa. No matter how short you are going, a straight cut can appear very refined and edgy. Short straight cut hair naturally looks great, slicked back, wet, or waved. I think this look screams strong independent woman. This look is bold. It can go from boss woman to girly in an instant. I have seen Kylie and Kim Kardashian as well as Cardi B sport this look and they all pull it off in a classy manner. Short straight hair cuts are definitely in right now, and if you are looking for a drastic change, this could be the one for you.

If you are inspired by the change of season and wish to change your hair color or style, the options are endless. There are always a variety of trends for different hair types, colors, and styles. My favourite thing about today’s hair trends is that the door is always open for individuality and personalization. Embrace change and take the chance to try something new. Happy haircuts ladies!