• By: OLM Staff

HanStone Canada captures the natural beauty of nature with new collection of premium quartz colours

HanStone Canada, the country’s premier quartz manufacturer and Ontario’s only quartz manufacturer, is proud to reveal its trio of new colours and exclusive Riverwashed finish that combine sophisticated style and remarkable design with the natural beauty of nature’s offerings. As the name suggests, the Unearthed Collection combines earthly elements like texture and windswept veining with warm, tonal shades of pearl, grey and terra cotta, to create unique and distinctive quartz designs.

“My main source of inspiration behind this collection was simply nature itself,” says Michael Talbot, HanStone Product Design Manager. “While designing this collection, I wanted to illustrate the beauty of nature and its unique characteristics and imperfections. With its rich texture and earthly tones, this collection captures the essence of our beautiful planet and allows us to embrace those outdoor elements from the comfort of indoors.

With its uncompromising strength and resistance to stains, quartz is a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. The new collection is comprised of three new colours: Storm, Terra and Coast. With its distinct Riverwashed finish, the Unearthed Collection is a remarkable display of premium quartz that captures the natural beauty of nature through texture, colour and design.

Storm: Bold yet balanced, Storm's white marbling is windswept across a rich, earthy grey base for striking dimension and depth.

Terra: Extracted from the earth, Terra seeks to echo the warmth of the land. A deep, warm tone with subtle movement, a true study of our planet's beauty.

Coast: Coast's neutral, sandy background is dappled with soft pearl veining for a sophisticated, casual look that brings calmness and harmony to any space.

For design inspiration, product information, and showroom locations across Canada, visit HanStone.CA or @HanStoneCA.