Help earthquake ravaged Turkiye by donating much-needed supplies.

ABOVE: Turkiye will suffer an even more profound humanitarian crisis if it does not get much-needed supplies. (PHOTO: SCREEN CAPTURE)

On February 6th, one of the most devastating events in Turkiye's modern history occurred when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck; the epicentre was near the large city of Gaziantep. As of writing, at least 20,000 people are confirmed to have died in the quake.

In Gaziantep, the historic castle, which has represented the city since Roman times, has been severely damaged as if to symbolize the unrestrained destruction in the region. Southern Turkiye is a beautiful historical region where humankind's first signs of civilization originated (Goblekitepi), and the Prophet Abraham was reportedly born.

Since 2011, the region has continued to give back to humanity by taking in millions of displaced Syrians who had to leave their homes in search of safety from the civil war. The city of Gaziantep alone has a reported 500,000 Syrians living there and has struggled to deal with the pressures of supporting the population of a mid-sized city composed of refugees before the earthquake.

It's winter in Southern Turkiye, and with snow covering the ground, a more profound humanitarian crisis will unfold unless residents can get the needed supplies. 

The Turkish Embassy in Ottawa has put out a list of needed items to help in the recovery effort. They include sleeping bags, raincoats, winter coats, hats, gloves, air mattresses, flashlights (no batteries), powerbanks, hand and feet warmers, nonperishable food items, diapers, sanitary napkins, and other hygiene items.

Ottawa drop-off points for these supplies are listed below. The embassy kindly asks that only new items be dropped off.

Oz Dome
221 Westbrook Rd, Carp, Ottawa
Hours of Operation: 7 am – 10 pm

Turkish Association of Canada – TAC
Turkish Assembly Centre
2212 Gladwin Crescent Unit C8, Ottawa

65 Montreal Road, Vanier

2851 Dumaurier Ave, Ottawa

If you cannot make it to a drop off point to donate supplies but would still like to help the people of Turkiye, donations to aid organizations in Turkiye can also be made using the following links:


R E R I N G…/404/pazarcik-depremi-bagisi


To donate from Canada:


Until February 22, the Government of Canada will match all Canadian Red Cross donations. In the last 12 years, Turkiye has done more for its neighbours and humanity than any European or Middle Eastern country by giving refuge to millions fleeing Syria.

Now, it's Turkiye that needs our help. Please consider donating to support this nation of kind-hearted giving people in their hour of need.