Hit the Links with the Ladies’ Foursome at Hudson Village Theatre

Summer is here and that means that the Hudson Village Theatre (HVT) season has finally arrived. It is one of the true joys of summer because without fail, the HVT offers up stellar theatre. Ottawa Life will feature more about the HVT in the days to come, but for now a quick review of its current show. This one only runs until July 10 so be sure to get there before it closes.

Canadian playwright giant Norm Foster’s Ladies’ Foursome opened the Village Theatre season. It being a Foster creation, the play is moving, witty, touching—at times biting—but thoroughly entertaining.

Every week for the last 14 years, best friends Margot, Connie, Tate and Catherine have met for a round of golf.  Following Catherine’s sudden death and wake, the friends gather on the tee to play a round in honour of their dearly departed. They also invite a newcomer, Dory, who is an out-of-towner friend of Catherine’s, to hit the links with them.


Without spoiling the story, as the game progresses, surprises and confessions emerge as the women discuss everything from life and children to love, men and sex. All four women are at various stages of life and bring a wide array of experiences to the discussion. Tate is a young, beautiful and frustrated stay-at-home home mother of three. Margot has a successful business and an estranged adult daughter. Connie is the local TV newscast host who is very much into herself, and Dory, the out-of-towner, immediately elicits suspicion of the others. These diverse backgrounds easily garner the empathy and understanding of adult audiences at all ages.

You won’t notice the time passing despite the length of the play (it goes through 18 holes of discussion), in part because of the fantastic dialogue, but also because the acting is phenomenal.  Without exception, all four women are outstanding

Do catch Ladies’ Foursome before it ends on Sunday. You can find out more at villagetheatre.ca  Hudson Village Theatre is located in Hudson Quebec, off the 417 East about 30 minutes before Montreal.  Their productions are always worth the drive.