• By: OLM Staff

Ho-ho, hold anything with Cuisipro Pack-It

PRICE: Pack-it bags range from $12 to $30 each AVAILABLE AT: cuisipro.com and select retailers

Cook-it, store-it, freeze-it or protect-it with the endlessly versatile Cuisipro Pack-It! Pack-It is hypoallergenic, BPA/BPS free and complies with FDA food-grade standards. Made of 100% platinum silicone, Pack-It is a reusable bag that uses zero plastic and can be used in a variety of ways including: sandwiches, homemade ice packs, snack-size portions, cosmetics, storing vitamins, soups, meals-on-the-go, pencil case, marinating, sous-viding steaks or for keeping cereal fresh and sealed and can be used in the oven, microwave, sous-vide, dishwasher and in the freezer. They are stain resistant too!

Pack-it Bags are available in four sizes—from 13.3 cm x 12 cm with a 200 ml capacity to the 25 cm x 23.3 cm standing bags with a capacity of 2000 ml. Extra Pack-it Bags features include:

• Write notes or labels with dry-erase markers that will easily wash off when no longer needed
• Heat resistant to (220°C / 425°F), freezer resistant to (-40°C / -40°F)
• Hypoallergenic and BPA/BPS free
• Available in either clear or translucent green
• Complies with FDA and European food-grade standards
• Travel friendly
• Free shipping on all order over $49