HogsBack Declares APORKALYPSE NOW: HogsBack Brewing Company Brews OATMEAL BACON STOUT Beer

‘Smell that? You smell that?’


‘Bacon, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that . . . 

 I love the smell of bacon in the morning’

–      Colonel Killpork, Aporkalypse Now


HogsBack Brewing Company is urging citizens of Ottawa to take shelter from the blahs of winter and prepare themselves for the impending Aporkalypse Now Oatmeal Bacon Stout – the brewery’s latest release in a series of Limited Edition seasonal beers.

Yes – You read that correctly – BACON!

Not your typical beer ingredient, Aporkalypse Now (5.5% alcohol by volume) is one of only a handful of bacon-brewed beers in North America …and perhaps the only one of its kind in Ontario.

“For winter we were thinking of brewing a nice smooth Oatmeal Stout and thought what would be better than that?,” says Paige Cutland, co-owner of HogsBack Brewing Company. “Then we thought … BACON – bacon makes everything better!”

This proves it: Everything tastes better with bacon… even great-tasting beer

Blending roasted malt and oatmeal, this smooth dark beer has a sweet caramel aroma and a rich and creamy unbridled taste that comes from a unique infusion of local bacon.

“We know all about the bacon everything craze – so why not bacon beer?,” says Ida Vaillancourt of Pork of Yore. “We thought it’s a great idea!” “We’re thrilled to be involved and what a perfect fit: Hogs Back Beer made with bacon from Pork of Yore.”

A lot of bacon was going to be needed. Over 13kg of high-quality bacon would be needed for every 780-litre batch of beer brewed. That bacon would be fried up personally by Jerry, Paige, Mark & Frank – the owners of HogsBack, who looked no further than Pork of Yore. Pork of Yore pasture raises Tamworth and Berkshire pigs in the Douglas area of the Valley (about 100 km west of Ottawa) – and the bacon produced there is second to none. 

Aporkalypse Now is the first in a series of special small-batch limited-edition seasonal styles of beer brewed locally in Ottawa for HogsBack through a colla-beer-ation with Broadhead Brewing Company.

Aporkalypse Now is a Limited Edition beer available ONLY on draft and ONLY for February. For locations and availability, check www.HogsBack.ca and Facebook & Twitter.

Join HogsBack for the ‘Aporkalypse Now – Oatmeal Bacon Stout” launch party

Friday February 8th 5pm-7pm at Heart & Crown (353-B Preston Street, Ottawa).

HogsBack Brewing Company is a small, Ottawa-owned and operated company. Founded by four friends who loved the taste of good beer, HogsBack follows a traditional method and brews interesting, tasty small-batch beers using the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients such as hops, malts and local spring water. A member of the Ontario Craft Brewers, HogsBack is a recipient of numerous awards for brewing excellence, most recently winner of a GOLD award, People’s Choice award & Newcomer of the Year award at the 2012 Ontario Brewing Awards. HogsBack is available on tap at establishments and in 473ml tallboy cans at LCBO locations in Ottawa and throughout Ontario. For more information, visit www.hogsback.ca