Holiday Cheer: The Perfect Martini

Shaken or stirred? Regardless of how you like it, there is no drink classier at a holiday party- or any party for that matter- than a classic martini. Using Luksusowa Vodka as the base, we have the recipe for The Perfect Martini. It’s the perfect accessory this holiday season and so simple to make! With so few ingredients, this martini is simple and sophisticated showing everyone around that you are as elegant as the drink you’re holding. What else signifies such impeccable taste and style than the martini? So shake (or stir) it up and savour the smooth flavour that The Perfect Martini offers.





2 oz. Luksusowa Vodka

¼ to ½ oz. Dry Vermouth

Olive, onion or a lemon twist



  • • Stainless steel shaker or glass pitcher with spoon and strainer
  • • Atomizer
  • • Martini or rock glass
  • • Condiment pick or zester (depending on selected garnish)



Use chilled martini or rock glass.

Sparingly atomize inside of glass with the dry vermouth (less vermouth equals a martini

that is more dry).

Gently shake or stir Luksusowa Vodka with crushed ice in stainless steel shaker or glass


Immediately pour (straining out ice) into glass.

Garnish with olive, onion or a lemon twist.


*Recipe courtesy of Maciek Starosolski, Vodka Ambassador Poland