Holly Caplan’s guide to Surviving the D**k Clique

Holly Caplan is holding nothing back in her edgy new book, Surviving the D**k Clique: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Male Dominated Corporate World. Gender inequality still exists, with women earning roughly 80% of what men are paid, and corporate discrimination is more pertinent than ever.

Following a strong introduction into the issue of gender inequality, the succeeding chapters of Caplan’s book are a guide for women who find themselves facing unchartered gender challenges while working alongside men.

Holly is a women-in-business expert and as such uses her own experience rising through the male dominated corporate ranks in the medical device industry to help other women facing the same issues. As she worked her way from a sales representative to a high-level management position, Caplan experienced first-hand discrimination simply because she was female.

Caplan gives an authentic evaluation of the issue and shares brutally honest advice including:

  • How women can effectively compete in a maledominated environment
  • How to face uncomfortable situations and experiences while they learn and grow
  • Why this “d**k behavior” has to change
  • Ways women can change these ingrained attitudes moving forward
  • The next steps for Millennials in the workforce
  • And much more!

Holly’s retelling of her own experience is raw and uncut. "I want to see each woman work with dignity, respect, and to lead by example," says Caplan. "To know their worth and believe in themselves. I also want them to see humor in their experiences and know that mistakes are normal and healthy.”

Holly is an award-winning sales leader who has fought her way up the corporate ranks for nearly 20 years. Now, she is an author with a colourful language, deprecating humor, and realistic rules. Her book aims to de-normalize this unfair treatment while creating a resource and support system for women who are met with these obstacles.