Homes: Bathroom Bliss

Hmmm – bathroom and bliss: an oxymoron in your home? Is your toilet the first thing you see when you walk into your bathroom? Do you have sufficient storage for all your bathroom essentials or is all the clutter driving you mad? Do you long for more space in sharing a tiny bathroom with other family members? If you are thinking of embarking on a bathroom renovation, let me give you a few key tips to start you on your way.

Maximize space. Even if you desire to have a five-piece bathroom with a separate shower and bathtub and possibly two sinks, your space has to allow for it. Can you borrow space from the neighbouring room if these fittings are a “need to have” as opposed to a “want to have”? It is important to know that a shower less than 36” square tends to be confining, especially without the use of glass on all sides. 36” x 36” is considered the standard and 30” x 30” is considered the minimum. If limited to choosing the shower/tub combination or just one large shower, ask yourself what you use every day before starting your daily routine. If a bathtub is located in at least one bathroom in your home and you don’t routinely take baths, go for one large shower in lieu of the bath/shower combination.

Adhere to bathroom standards in your planning. Allow for a minimum width of 30” for a toilet to be installed (although 36” is preferable by the time a toilet roll holder is installed). 18” is also required in front of the bowl without any obstruction.

Incorporate a lot of white to keep the bathroom feeling fresh, clean and crisp. Whether modern or classic in style, white is a common theme across most of my bathroom projects – as featured in the photos.

Don’t be afraid to select higher-quality stone or marble tile for the floor in a small bathroom, as this is typically not a large area and has great impact.  With the difference amounting to no more than a few hundred dollars, you can really up the “luxe factor”.

Make sure to provide adequate lighting, including a recessed shower pot light over the tub or shower, and general and task lighting around the vanity. I tend to specify a pot light centered over the sink, as well as sconces positioned on either side at eye level height.

Add wallpaper to a powder room. Since powder rooms are such a small space, your eye notices every detail. Have some fun and choose bold patterned or dramatic coloured wallpaper, as it is unlikely that you have treated your other larger public spaces in your home this way. We all have quirks in our personality that should be reflected in our homes, don’t you think?

Armed with a few tips, my hope is that the planning and implementation stage is as blissful as the experience once your bathroom is finished!