Hop To It — Ideas for Easter!

Every part of Easter should be touched with laughter and fun if you plan a little ahead of time. Thinking about the celebratory meal, family together and festivities. My highlight is having family together and gathering around the Dining Table for endless hours of conversation and celebration.

As the table is where most time is spent, the focus for me is colour. Floral arrangements are always a colourful and easy way to create a centrepiece. And the festiveness requires more colour with the addition of dyed Easter eggs.

At Easter we give each other eggs. When this tradition started it was birds eggs painted with bright colours. In time, the idea of chocolate eggs became a sweet option particularly for children.

Our family still paints and dyes our Easter Eggs. The eggs are hard boiled and not only show so beautifully on the table but are essential for our Armenian Easter Egg competition!

Each person picks an egg from the centrepiece that he or she thinks will be a winner.  Two people knock the ends of their eggs together. The egg that doesn’t break is the winner. That person goes on to challenge the rest of the table. They knock eggs until only one egg is left whole. This wining egg gets kept as the ‘Trophy Egg’ along with all of the previous years of winning eggs.

Embracing these traditions are what mark these wonderful occasions. Even though our children are now young adults, the memories are endless!

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Til next time,