Horse racing contests in Canada

One of the oldest sport and still very much existing is horse racing and this sport has a fan following in almost every of the countries in this world. Horse racing is an equestrian sport giving the chance for both men and women to compete together. The racing industry worldwide spends billions of dollars and the sport is continuing to grow bigger as each year passes.

History of horse racing in Canada

On the 1st of July 2017, the 250th anniversary if horse racing in Canada was celebrated with 23 racetracks in eight different provinces partaking in the national celebration.

It all began in July 1, 1767, precisely 100 years before Canada’s confederation, when a horse race was held on the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. From that very day, horse racing has become part of the country’s fabric. Generations after generations, people from all part of the world have taken part in and appreciated the sport, be it on frozen rivers dotting the countryside, agricultural fairs, present modern facilities or on grass-root tracks.

Different Horse racing contests in Canada

There are lots of horse racing contests regularly conducted all over the world. Some of the most popular ones in Canada with millions of stake include Breeders' Stakes, Canadian International Stakes, E.P. Taylor Stakes, Prince of Wales Stakes, Queen's Plate, Natalma Stakes, Northern Dancer Turf Stakes, Woodbine Mile and the Grand National.

The Grand National Event

The Grand National is the oldest and the most popular steeplechase competition in the United Kingdom which has been held every year since 1839 at the Aintree Racecourse outside Liverpool. The Grand National 2018 event which of course, will hold at Aintree Racecourse is set to begin early next year from the 12th of April to the 14th. For any horse racing fan, the Grand National is most likely the biggest event on their calendar.

And of course, this is a contest every horse owner, jockey and trainer would like to win.

The Grand National 2018 will begin with the Grand opening day on Thursday, 12th of April, then, Friday, the 13th, is the Ladies day and lastly, the Grand National day on Saturday. The race is watched by millions of people every year and hundreds of millions of pounds is usually bet on the big race on Saturday.

A reliable help to get the most probable winner of the Grand National 2018 is available. Here, you will get a complete guide to the Aintree Grand National.

The Grand National is recognized as one of the most difficult races in the sport. It involves a grueling course of more than four miles to push the limits of the horses and their jockeys. The race features fences and iconic jumps like The Canal Turn, Becher’s Brook and The Chair. As the winner takes home the sum of £ 1 million, this is definitely the most valuable prize in the horse racing sport.