• By: Candice Vetter

How Technology is Transforming Health Care – Cheryl-Anne’s Story

Cheryl-Anne was diagnosed with a very rare form leukemia, a complex disease to understand. She believed part of getting well depended upon understanding her disease, her treatments and their effects. She needed to become a full, participating, engaged patient. She needed to get information.

HealthCheryl-AnneStoryBefore digital health tools were available she says she felt, “out there on my own.” The lack of information she had created a lot of anxiety and it was very difficult to interact with her health-care providers. “Basically I had to do what I was told to do,” she says. “I was uncertain how to ask questions or get information.”

The situation was made especially hard by her profession which requires travel worldwide. Now with digital health advances, she is never out of touch with her health team. She has direct contact with them no matter where she is in the world, and has access to her own records. If she needs medical attention while traveling she can consult her team or help advise whoever needs to be advised.

“Digital health helps me manage my health,” she says. And what could be more important?

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