How to be Parisian Chic

We see them everywhere. The stunning ladies who look effortlessly chic, hair tousled to perfection, crisp shirts and smart pants but stylishly undone paired with the perfect swipe of red lip. The enigma, the ingénue, the classic French girl. She is in all of us. Follow the steps below and you’re sure to capture the essence the timeless parisienne.

Wear a bold lip

In lieu of wearing makeup, a part of being Parisienne includes opting for a bright bold lip. Tradition calls for red but with the wide array of vibrant colours, let us not limit ourselves. Keeping the skin fresh and glowing creates the perfect canvas for a bold lip. This look exudes both confidence and a certain devil may care attitude which piques the curiosity of those who see… and by “those” I mean everyone around you.

Keep it clean

Upon careful observation, the classic French girl leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to makeup. They wear little to no makeup, let the skin work its magic and captivate the ever-wandering eye. At most, they take a light concealer under the eyes, around the nose and on the corners of the lips and call it a day. They take pride in showing off their glowing, hydrated skin and wear bold lips. From Jenna Lyons, Clemence Posey to Gigi Hadid, we can see that this is not a trend but a movement.

Have a uniform

I’m a firm believer in having a uniform and I’m not talking about plaid skirts (although Cher Horowitz may not agree with this sentiment) and jumpers with calf-high, white socks… all of which are making a huge come-back. I’m talking about having a go-to outfit that allows you to speed up the process of getting ready and out the door in record time. All that prep time cut in half while knowing your look is fool-proof and the best combination of outfits that optimizes your best assets. Olivia Palermo, Aimee Song and Carolina Herrera are some of the world’s best when it comes to having a uniform.

Own a white-button down shirt or two

Going back to the aforementioned uniform, it is also imperative that you own a crisp, white button-down shirt. This piece pairs well with everything. On a day when the rest of your closet feels like it’s never the right attire, this will certainly save the day. Its crisp canvas along with the clean silhouette makes for the perfect go-to outfit if you’re mood dictates a simple, easy-to-wear look. It’s also the perfect outfit for wanting to play up your accessories and have multiple layers of jewelry as the outfit is simple and sharp. Leaving half-way unbuttoned and half-tucked is optional (read: strongly encouraged).

Learn to Balance Comfort and Beauty

For the most part, these lovely women are either in chunky heeled booties or comfortable yet sleek loafers. A long time ago, it was one or the other whereas now, we can choose to have both. Low, chunky heels come in a wide variety from halo heels to booties and pair well with everything from dresses to distressed denim. Loafers are the perfect pair for day-to-night wear as it adds a fresh touch to any ensemble from cigarette pants to shorts. If Audrey Hepburn approved, then so do I.

Feel free to indulge in a croissant (topped with cheese or not) and your preferred hot beverage to complete the look and you are all set for the perfect year-round fit that’s sure to be a hit.