• By: Allen Brown

How to become a professional sports bettor?

Nowadays, many people are looking for financial and geographic freedom. One of the jobs that every sports fan would like to do is professional sports bettor! We want to explain to you in this article how to become a pro tipster.

Professional sports bettor: what is it?

Before you know how to become a true professional bettor,especially in the realm of online betting promotions it is important to know what that means. Clearly, he is an expert in predictions who acts like an investor. He invests his money not to have fun and play, but to make a long-term return on his investment. Each of his predictions is carefully considered and is based on statistical analyses.

A professional bettor can make a living from sports betting and draw a salary every month. Being a profession in its own right, this expert devotes his days to his activity, like a real trader. To be called a “pro bettor” or “professional tipster”, you absolutely must have a business dedicated to this and you must be able to declare your winnings. It’s a very difficult job psychologically, which requires a mind of steel: less than 2% of sports betting players manage to do it.

What is the profile of the sports bettor?

As you understand, very few people manage to become a professional bettor. This requires a lot of skills, which is why only certain profiles can claim to one day do this demanding profession.

The profile of the sports bettor:



• Discipline;

• Sports expert;

• Mathematician;

• Mentally strong.

Obviously, no one can be perfect and even professional bettors can always improve on each of these points. Different profiles may exist, because some manage to make a living from sports betting by simply being sports fans, mathematicians, investors or all three at the same time.

The role of the professional sports bettor

A professional bettor can play an important role among other players, especially when it comes to online betting promotions! Indeed, when a tipster becomes an expert, he can become a mentor to other bettors who wish to embark on the adventure. The professional sports bettor can, therefore, give player advice through a website, a Facebook page, a Telegram group, or a Discord group. If you want to do this job, you need to be surrounded by sports betting professionals; they will save you a lot of time since they already have a lot of experience in the world of online betting promotions and wagering strategies.

Steps to becoming a real sports trader

Becoming a professional bettor is not just about winning predictions and collecting the money. This is a profession in its own right, which is why it is important to follow certain steps to enter the industry according to the rules of the art.

Steps to becoming a sports trader:

• Take training as a professional bettor or be self-taught;

• Choose a starting capital;

• Open a bank account dedicated to sports betting;

• Practice with a sports betting strategy;

• Open a micro-enterprise or choose another status (SASU, EURL, EIRL, etc.).

Initially, you are not necessarily obliged to open a microenterprise to carry out your betting activity. The law only requires players who receive frequent, regular and significant income to declare their income. The legal form must be selected with great care; it is strongly recommended to analyse the different statuses in detail or to contact an expert in the field (tax lawyer) to avoid making a mistake!

Qualities for online sports betting as a pro

To start betting as a true professional, you absolutely must possess certain qualities. We would like to detail them for you here, so that you can see for yourself whether you are made for this profession or not.


It is important to have a keen eye when you want to make professional sports bets. Observation is one of the greatest qualities observed in the majority of pro tipsters. It is better to be naturally, because many points must be observed daily.

You must observe in particular:

•  The evolution of the odds : it is important to look at how the odds are set on the different bookmakers in order to optimize your winnings, but also to spot possible quotation errors;

• Live matches: if you opt for a live strategy or simply want to seize a few good opportunities, you will need to have an observant eye when watching the matches (players in form, injuries, and context).

Being a professional bettor is a full-time job. The bookmakers who set the odds are obliged to be very observant and see what others do not see. There is no secret to this, you absolutely have to spend hours watching matches and browsing the different bookmakers.


We have also found that successful bettors in the field are quite curious in nature. They are not only interested in their favourite team, their own strategy or their habits. It is important to always seek to expand your field of knowledge.

You must be interested in:

• In the sports betting market: new selections may arrive, new interesting sports may be offered in the catalogues and new rules may arrive. You must know everything;

• To other professional punters : even if other tipsters have other ways of doing things and you don’t necessarily agree with them, it is important to see how they generate income and how they manage this activity. This will help you in your own development;

• Sports news: it’s impossible to hope to become a professional bettor without being curious about sports news and what’s happening in the field. You must become an expert in football, tennis, basketball, hockey and all sports that could be useful to you in your activity;

• Different strategies: there are hundreds or even thousands of sports betting strategies! Don’t just stick to the strategy that works for you. By learning new strategies, you can improve yours, or evolve it.

Many Sunday bettors try to turn pro but are limited in their current beliefs. You absolutely must be curious so as not to stagnate in your activity and to always move forward. If you’re not passionate, it’s much harder!

Good manager

Obviously, a professional bettor is an excellent manager. He knows exactly what he is doing, what his capital is and how much he has to bet. Without being a good sports betting manager, you will very quickly lose your money and play with emotions. You must view your betting activity like a real trader!


We know that many players who lose at sports betting have no patience. If you go into tilt at the first loss, and want to “catch up” as soon as your prediction goes wrong, you are off to a bad start. It is important to view sports betting as a long-term investment and to exercise great patience. Your capital is not going to explode in a week, it takes time! For example, you should not be afraid to make long-term bets on an entire football season if it is beneficial for you.


Discipline is important when you are self-employed and particularly a professional bettor. You will need to work every day, respect your objectives, your strategies and never give up. Absolutely everyone can have a day without motivation, but by being disciplined, you can be a professional bettor in the long term and you can especially keep up with the best!

Our tips and tricks for being a good professional bettor

Now that you know all the qualities to become a professional bettor, we want to share with you our tips and tricks to be the sports trader you dream of being. This is not an exhaustive list, but a selection of important tips according to our experts.

Start gently

When you start a career as a professional sports bettor, you absolutely have to start slowly. Initially, you need to really take the time to educate yourself, make mistakes, and observe the market. This will give you the experience you need for the future. For example, you can start your activity with a small amount of capital, so as not to put yourself in danger while you become a seasoned professional bettor.

Specialize in preferred sports

Obviously, the best professional bettors are true experts in the sports in which they decide to place predictions. You must know inside out the disciplines, competitions and clubs on which you bet. Investing your money in an area you don’t know is like throwing your money out the window in the long term. The traders who set the odds on sports betting sites are recruited for their sports knowledge in particular.

Set your goals

In order not to play blindly, a professional bettor must have a goal in their sights. For example, you can decide to set a monthly earnings goal, an average rating goal, an ROI goal and many others. To do this, you must take the time to sit down and really think about it beforehand. As in life, having a goal simply allows you to visualize things and do everything to achieve them!

Implement strategies

It’s logical, but we prefer to remember it! The job of a professional tipster is not just about watching matches and analysing the market. He must also develop strategies, test them, implement them and validate them. You can take an interest in existing sports betting strategies such as Ditching, the Kelly Method or Early Cash out, but also develop your own techniques thanks to your experience!

Fix your bankroll

To best manage your future activity, a bankroll (starting capital) must be set from the start. Generally, we advise opting for money that you don’t need, that you are capable of losing and that can be used to develop your new business. Whether it is a bankroll of $500 or a bankroll of $10,000, setting it will allow you to know how much you can bet and which strategies are the most interesting to achieve your objectives.

Keep calm

This is definitely the advice you should remember the most from this article! Stay calm in all situations. Indeed, the life of a professional bettor is not easy and requires a mind of steel. The variance means that you will inevitably encounter periods of significant losses, but you must never lose sight of your strategy. If you think long term, losing 10% of your bankroll shouldn’t upset you or impact you mentally.

Study the different bookmakers Of course, your activity as a professional bettor will essentially take place on a sports betting site. This is your work tool and you cannot neglect it. It is therefore important to study all the bookmakers that exist on the market in France to find out which one is the most interesting for you. What to study about a bookmaker:

• Bonuses: many professional bettors also integrate cashback and bonuses into their strategies. Take an interest in the generosity of bookmakers and the advantages offered to regular players like you;

• Odds: as you know, the higher the odds, the more money you will be able to win. Each bookmaker offers very different pay-out rates. Compare bookmakers to find the one that will pay you the most in the long term;

• The catalog: depending on your strategy or your knowledge, it is important to consult the bookmakers’ catalog to find out if it is suitable for your profile. The site to choose will be very different if you like US sports than if you like football!

As a professional bettor, it may be interesting to analyse for yourself the different sports betting sites that exist. Of course, you can also use expert reviews like on our site, but as we saw before: be curious.