How to bet on sport as the action returns in Canada

For sports fans, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 put an unwelcome pause to the global sporting calendar.

With just a handful of exceptions, the sporting world was ground to an abrupt halt, with some sports temporarily suspending their seasons whilst other competitions were completely abandoned all together.

As the pandemic looks to be easing across the globe, the majority of sporting action has returned or is at the very least making plans to.

For Canadian sports fans, whilst the action takes tentative steps to returning on home soil there are plenty of betting opportunities overseas.

The NHL is back up and running once more without the Ottawa Senators in action but you can still cheer for other Canadian teams. whilst European soccer, PGA Tour golf and Formula 1 were some of the first sports to emerge following the break.

Whilst these spectacles are all taking place behind closed doors and look a little vacant without fans in the stadium, they do present sports fans with a great opportunity to place some much-missed sports bets.

Get involved with the bookmaker offers

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a trying time for sports fans but for bookmakers it has been a particularly desperate period.

Without sporting action for punters to enjoy, most of the big bookies have been relying on online casino, poker, and slot games to keep their businesses ticking over.

As sport returns, there are plenty of promotions available for Canadian punters to make the most of as they look to maximise their winnings.

Betting offers such as odds boosts are commonplace across the betting landscape and bettors should also look out for free bet tokens and matched bets when betting with a particular bookie.

Develop a Betting Strategy

Of course, on the face of it betting is simple. Place a bet, watch your selection win and cash in your money.

Inevitably however, betting on sport always throws up its fair share of thrills and spills and you need a foolproof betting strategy to help you on your way.

If you are new to betting, seek out simple bets and odds, to allow you to become accustomed with specific bets and the payments you could receive from them.

Also, having sport specific knowledge is always useful when betting so try to watch as much sport as possible and make an informed decision when placing a bet – rather than betting impulsively.

Whilst it should go without saying, betting can be dangerous financially so be sure to bet within your means and remember that fun should be at the forefront of your mind when punting.

Build an Accumulator

The return of sports has come at a cost for the players themselves in that competition organisers are scrambling around to make fixtures happen in a shorter than scheduled space of time.

NBA fixtures are being played in a tournament style format in Florida, whilst the UEFA Champions League is doing the same in Lisbon.

Having frequent fixtures is a great opportunity for punters to build accumulators.

The basic premise behind an accumulator is to predict the results of 3 or more matches, in one bet and should all the selections come in – a healthy pay-out is often paid.

As a betting concept, the accumulator is perfect for those who are taking their first foray into the world of sports betting, as they require a relatively limited stake to potentially win a big amount of money.

Cash Out if you’re ahead of the game

All of the major bookmakers in Canada offer punters a chance to cash out on a bet, whilst the action is still ongoing.

For most players, the tendency to try and maximize their winnings is natural but if you find yourself ahead of the game and with winnings to collect, always consider the cash out option.

Sports such as soccer, basketball and rugby have the potential to change result in seconds, meaning hanging on to a few extra dollars can prove costly if your selection concedes a last-minute winner.