How to Buy a Piece of Heaven

What do you give a person who is hard to buy for? How can you fondly remember someone who has left a lasting legacy? How do you commemorate life’s most significant occasions? Are you simply stumped on what to get your loved one? The answer is simple: look way up to the sky and buy someone a little piece of the heavens. Buy a Star is the perfect gift for anyone young or old and is a beautiful way to really give them something unique — truly a gift that will last eternally.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, remembrance or something different that will really dazzle the recipient, Buy a Star is a one-stop shop for the most momentous occasions in life. With just one click you can give a very special gift and not even walk into a store! This is also a gift for anyone on your list, no matter how varied or narrow their interests are — or how hard they are to please! Everyone can connect to the stars and has at one point or another, been in awe of the ominous night sky filled with billions of glowing lights. Now what seems so distant and in fact billions of lightyears away, is now within grasp and easy to get! Imagine your special someone looking up every night to their very own star — one that you dedicated specifically to them.

Upon purchasing a star from Buy a Star, you have the option to give it any name you wish. You’ll also receive a package detailing information on how to locate your star in the sky, its brightness, what constellation it belongs to and other interesting facts. It also includes a star map and instructional guide on how to orient yourself to the sky so you can find the star like a real astronomer. And it comes with Stellarium software which acts as a virtual planetarium  that demonstrates how the night sky looks from any place in the world. The most important document in the package is the Star Certificate, which catalogs your star and its coordinates, officially recorded in the Celestial Star Registry. Additional options include a colour photo of the star and a rotating star map. only offers those stars that are visible to the naked eye, making it easier for you to give a gift that really can be seen by anyone, anywhere. A number of options are available, from buying a starlet (single star) to a zodiac and even a supernova (the brightest stars in the sky). Offer your loved on the chance of a lifetime — to own a little piece of heaven. Visit for more information.