How to Buy Lingerie for Your Special Someone

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Everyone’s been hit with Cupid’s arrow and everything is hearts and flowers. A day dedicated to all things lovey-dovey, it’s the time to acknowledge the loves in your life, stop and smell the roses, chow down on some heart shaped chocolate and, if you’re in a relationship, spend some quality time with your significant other. But what can you do if you want something more stimulating than just the traditional fancy dinner?

There are so many other ways to recognize Valentine’s that are slightly more personal. For a fun and flirty way to celebrate, surprise them with something as special and spice things up with some cute new lingerie.

Interested in gifting something sexy but not sure where to start? LACE’s Erin Sue offers some tips and tricks on how to pick out lingerie for your special someone.

Do Your Research

The best place to start when buying lingerie for your special someone is to do your research. “When buying lingerie, it’s important to have an idea of what your partner likes,” says Erin Sue. “Lingerie is all about feeling sexy and sensual when wearing it. The last thing you want is your partner to feel uncomfortable.” Check out your partner’s closet to get an idea of what they normally wear and what they feel comfortable in. This can help you get an idea of what items they already have, colours they prefer or styles they typically gravitate towards, giving you some direction when deciding what to buy and helping to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling. Or, if they know you’re buying for them, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Check Their Size

Size is definitely important when purchasing lingerie but can get a little confusing. Some styles come in traditional clothing sizes, while others are made according to bra sizes with varying cup and band measurements.

A great place to start when figuring out what size to choose for your special someone is through their dress size or, if you have the opportunity to, checking an article of clothing of your partners. This can give you a ball park idea of size to work with and can be a helpful reference.

Sue recommends items with soft cups when buying a gift, since they offer more wiggle room. “Soft cups are delicate and are not as strict with specific cup sizes.” If you have absolutely no idea what her size is and can’t take a peek at anything she owns, a one-size-fits-all satin robe is a perfect choice!

Know Your Budget

When browsing brands, Sue stresses that you should always know your budget. “Lingerie, like clothing, can vastly range in price point depending on the brand and its manufacturing,” she reveals. “Keep in mind that price point is not a direct result in the quality of an item.” Make sure to check out your options and keep both quality and prices in mind when searching for the perfect gift.

Choose Your Method

Next, decide whether you’ll tackle your shopping in-store or online. Both offer their own pros and cons: in-store lets you see and feel an item in person and eliminates waiting time while online, you can get a more complete idea of what styles are out there and sometimes more available stock and sizes. Online shopping is also great option for lingerie newbies. “If it’s your first time shopping for lingerie and you’re not sure where to start, online shopping can be a great alternative to take the nerves out of it!” says Sue.

According to Sue, online retailers should provide you with as much information as possible on an item. “Pay attention to the description and details as they can change from one item to the other. You’ll also want to check out the sizing chart, as certain sizes can fit differently depending on the material/garment.” It’s also smart to keep an eye out for any rotating sales or coupon codes that can be added at checkout, typically found on a tile on the homepage or in the header or footer. When shopping online, make sure to check the expected delivery date to ensure that it will arrive on time.

Choose Your Style

Now, you’ll need to choose what type of lingerie to buy. There is a world of lingerie options out there for every style, truly offering something for everyone. But with so many choices, how do you make a decision? Keeping your special someone’s personal preferences in mind is always important and looking to their personality will give clues on what will suit their taste.

February is the perfect time to freshen up their lingerie drawer and to experiment with new styles since brands often introduce new collections with trendier pieces to go alongside the more traditional classics. According to Sue, you will always see an increase in styles that are red and black around Valentine’s Day and this year, the season’s fashionable floral trends have extended all the way to lingerie. “We’re seeing many floral patterns with roses either in the print or in the lace, along with heart inserts here and there.”

A teddy or bodysuit is a classic must-have lingerie piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe. One of the things that makes them so great is that they can work double duty. “This style is trending in both lingerie and in outerwear fashions and can be one in the same,” says Sue. “There are so many options in designs for this style that can be worn in the bedroom or with jeans and a blazer.”

If your special someone doesn’t often wear lingerie or has never forayed into trying it, robes and kimonos are a fantastic gift, since they are “soft and silky and can be worn while getting ready in the morning, lounging on the weekends or layered with a bra and panty set.”

Bodystockings are wonderful for the more adventurous lingerie wearers,” reveals Sue. These one-piece bodysuits are made from similar materials to hosiery, are usually patterned or completely made from fishnet. They can be worn either as is or layered, making them a great option for those looking to try something new.

For those who prefer something with more coverage, “opt for a chemise or sleep set,” days Sue. “They are flimsy and soft without showing too much.” On the other end of the spectrum, those who prefer less

coverage can try lingerie styles with cut-outs and straps.

For the person who has everything, try a gift set or make your own! Sue suggests including a sexy style you know she’ll love, but add in a massage oil and a sleep mask. “Feather ticklers are also a wonderful addition to any gift as it incorporates you both!”

If you don’t know their typical style or can’t figure it out, Sue suggests sticking to a babydoll and matching panty as “they are flattering for all body types.”

If you’d rather avoid clothes shopping all together, another fun gift option is to try and find a piece that you know you will both like. “Being Valentine’s Day, couple-related items are always a fun way to incorporate a more playful item with your lingerie,” says Sue. “Try chocolate body paint or a strawberries and champagne body powder.”

Other tips to remember when shopping? Always ask about the return or exchange policy and make sure to keep the receipt.

In the end, just remember to enjoy yourself. According to Sue, “it’s lingerie, have fun with it!”