• By: Allen Brown

How to Consume Cannabis More Responsibly

Now that cannabis is legal here in Canada, more and more people are experimenting with the plant not only for recreational purposes but also to help them feel less stressed or to help with their pain. It really is revolutionising the culture in a number of ways. But, sadly, not everyone who uses marijuana does so responsibly and this can become a problem for them, their loved ones, and even society as a whole.

That benign the case without any judgement, we are going to take a look at what we can all do to consume cannabis more responsibly if we consume it at all.

Buy it from an official source

Absolutely, the best way to ensure that you are consuming cannabis is to buy it from an official regulated source, and not just some guy on the street. Whether you are looking for mail order edibles or dried herb, you should always buy from a reputable cannabis shop. That way, you can ensure quality, and be very confident that you are getting exactly the strain you paid for in all of its unadulterated glory.

Consider other options to smoking

Smoking cannabis may have been the traditional way to consume it, and you are free to continue doing so anywhere it is legal, but inhaling smoke is never the best way to consume anything at all. It may be better for you to explore other options such as vaping or eating your cannabis, because this is likely to be better for your overall health.

Respect the law of the land

We get it, the laws around cannabis can be a bit hazy (pun intended), but that’s no excuse to break ’em. Educate yourself on local regulations, abide by the rules, and avoid any unnecessary run-ins with the law. Oh, and remember it’s all about enjoying the high, not spending the night in a holding cell.

Don’t drive

If you have consumed cannabis recently, then it is a no-brainer that you should not then get behind the wheel. DSure, you might feel absolutely fine, and the drug might give you the confidence to think you’re okay, but that is not actually the chase! Cannabis can and does affect your coordination and reaction times, so it is never safe (not to mention legal) to smoke or consume an edible, and drive.

Store it safely

You do not want your stash getting into the wrong hands, so it is really important that you store it safely away from children and pets. An airtight container with a child-proof lock is ideal as it will stop anyone getting it who shouldn’t while also keeping your cannabis fresh.

Know when to say when

Look, we’ve all been there. The party’s raging, the joints are circulating, and suddenly you find yourself on a one-way trip to Planet Zonked. But hey, there’s no shame in bowing out when you’ve reached your limit. Listen to your body, know when it’s time to call it quits, and gracefully bow out of the smoke circle like the responsible adult you are.

Here’s to responsible enjoyment!