How to Get a Part-Time Job in School

It’s that time of the year again. Days get shorter and wallets get lighter as school bells ring and post-secondary students dole out the cash for tuition, residence, books and more. With rising costs, it’s no wonder nearly half of all students in the country are worried about paying their loans upon graduation.

Having a part-time job while you study will go a long way to lessening the impact of all those expenses and add valuable experience to a resume that the savvy new graduate can use to help secure that dream position. And while it’s not easy finding a job, it’s not impossible. This is the perfect time to start applying if you’re looking for something this fall, so here are some things to keep in mind.

Prioritize Wants and Needs

Some like to take an “apply everywhere” approach, but working somewhere that you actually like or benefits your overall career goals will make the experience better. Determine what work environments you enjoy, consider what your priorities are at the time. Do you need to find something career-related or do you just need money to keep debts down right now?

Student2Be Comfortable Talking About Yourself

Everyone focuses so much on how to write a good resume that when they actually get into an interview many of them are like a deer in headlights. Prepare yourself for employer’s questions by going to meetups and talking to people. Networking is an invaluable skill and once you get comfortable with it you should know exactly what to say in your next interview.

Flexibility is Key

Some people might not see the benefits of working jobs that aren’t related to their chosen career, but the truth is pretty much any job can give a person experience and skills that they can then transfer to other positions. Employers will value a person that recognizes what skills they’ll gain from working with them.

Once they’re employed, students will need to keep as much of that hard-earned cash in their pockets as possible. Lucky for them there are free resources designed to help them budget and save money.