• By: Allen Brown

How to Get Around the Riviera Maya from Cancun Airport

Welcome to the mesmerizing Riviera Maya, a coastal paradise in Mexico that beckons travelers from all around the world. With its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture, the Riviera Maya offers an unforgettable vacation experience. If you’re flying to the region, Cancun International Airport will likely be your point of arrival. To make the most of your journey and explore the wonders of the Riviera Maya, it’s essential to know how to get around efficiently from Cancun Airport. In this guide, we’ll cover various Cancun Airport Transportation options and the top destinations worth exploring.

Arrival at Cancun Airport

As your plane touches down at Cancun Airport, get ready for an exciting adventure. After disembarking, follow the signs for immigration and customs. The airport staff is generally friendly and helpful, ensuring a smooth process. Remember to have all the necessary travel documents and forms ready for the immigration check.

Transportation Options at Cancun Airport

Once you’ve cleared immigration and customs, it’s time to decide on your preferred mode of transportation. If you’re staying at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Riviera Maya, many of them offer shuttle services from the airport. These shuttles are convenient and often included in your accommodation package. Another option is renting a car, which provides the freedom to explore the region at your own pace.

For budget travelers or those seeking an authentic experience, public transportation is a viable choice. The ADO bus service runs from Cancun Airport to various destinations in the Riviera Maya. The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, and offer a cost-effective way to travel.

Private Transfers

If you value privacy, comfort, and convenience, consider booking a private transfer from Cancun Airport to your destination in the Riviera Maya. Private transfer services offer personalized pickups and drop-offs, making your journey hassle-free. You can pre-book these services online or at the airport.

Exploring Cancun

Cancun, with its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, is a destination in itself. Head to the Hotel Zone, where you’ll find luxurious resorts, restaurants, and a lively atmosphere. Enjoy water sports, visit ancient Mayan ruins, or shop for souvenirs in the bustling markets.

Discovering Playa del Carmen

A short drive from Cancun, Playa del Carmen offers a bohemian vibe with its vibrant streets, boutique shops, and world-class restaurants. Spend a day exploring the charming Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue), relax on the beach, or take a ferry to Cozumel for a diving adventure.

Tulum: Ancient Ruins and Beautiful Beaches

Tulum’s mystique lies in its well-preserved Mayan ruins overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Explore the archaeological site and then unwind on the picturesque Tulum beaches. It’s an experience that seamlessly blends history and natural beauty.

Cozumel: Diving Paradise

For diving enthusiasts, Cozumel is a dream destination. Known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life, Cozumel offers some of the best diving spots in the world. Take a ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel and dive into an underwater paradise.

Akumal: Swimming with Turtles

Akumal’s claim to fame is its incredible opportunity to swim with sea turtles. Snorkel alongside these gentle giants as they gracefully glide through the water. Akumal is also home to beautiful cenotes, making it a must-visit destination.

Puerto Aventuras: Dolphin Discovery and More

If you have kids or love marine life, Puerto Aventuras is the place to be. Visit Dolphin Discovery and enjoy interactions with dolphins, manatees, and other sea creatures. The marina area offers a relaxing ambiance with waterfront restaurants and shops.

Eco Parks in the Riviera Maya

Xcaret Park: Nature and Culture

Xcaret Park is a unique eco-archaeological park that showcases the rich natural and cultural heritage of Mexico. Explore underground rivers, discover Mayan archaeological sites, and watch spectacular performances that highlight the country’s traditions.

Xel-Ha Park: Natural Aquarium

Xel-Ha Park is a natural wonder that serves as a natural aquarium for countless marine species. Snorkel, swim, and float along the lazy river, surrounded by lush tropical landscapes.

Exploring the Cenotes

Don’t miss the chance to explore the cenotes – natural sinkholes with crystal-clear waters. These cenotes hold immense cultural significance for the Mayan people and offer a refreshing escape from the heat.

Safety and Tips

While traveling around the Riviera Maya, keep safety in mind. Carry essential items such as sunscreen, hats, and reusable water bottles to stay hydrated. If you’re planning excursions, bring comfortable shoes and swimwear. Follow the guidance of experienced tour operators for adventurous activities.


The Riviera Maya is a destination that captures the hearts of travelers with its diverse attractions and enchanting beauty. From Cancun Airport, you can embark on a journey that takes you to ancient ruins, stunning beaches, and thriving marine life. Choose the transportation option that suits your preferences and set out to explore the wonders of the Riviera Maya. With a perfect blend of history, nature, and adventure, this Mexican paradise promises an experience of a lifetime. So, get ready to create cherished memories that will stay with you forever.