How to Get Engaged in Super Bowl LI

With Super Bowl LI only a couple weeks away, the excitement is building. Will the New England favorites win their second ring in three years, or will Matt Ryan lead the Atlanta dark horses to victory? If Sunday’s games were any indicator – both the Pats and Falcons won by massive margins – the competition will be fierce. On top of this, the team with the league’s top-ranked offense (Atlanta) will be squaring off against the team with the top-ranked defense (New England). Atlanta’s defense was in the NFL’s bottom-ten, though the Pats were No. 1 in points allowed. It has the making of a very close, very high-scoring game.

The only thing that can add to the excitement of the Super Bowl weekend is the feeling that you have a personal stake in the outcome. And that is why sports betting has been a such a long-standing tradition. You can be with your team in more than just spirit, and win more than just Super Bowl bragging rights. Your team didn’t make it to the finals? Putting some money down on a winner will no doubt give you a reason to get deeper into the game.

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Don’t let the bean dip at your in-laws’ party be the most exciting thing about your Super Bowl Sunday. The question isn’t which team will end up on top: the question is about if you’ll end up on top.