How to level ranged fast in OSRS

Here's the best way for you to get your Ranged level up to 99.

In Old School Runescape, there are three combat classes, one of which is Ranged. There are a number of ways in which you can reach 99 Ranged, from grinding to finding OSRS gold for sale. This article will be taking a look at what the best methods are to max the skill.

The Quickest Method to Level

If you want to use the fastest method of all, then you will need to use cannons. To get past the level 70 mark, you will be using the dwarf cannon. When you combine this with either slayer or ogres during Castle Wars you can hit level 70 in around 10 hours roughly.

To get to level 75, we are going to have to part with some of our OSRS GP. In fact, it will cost you around 9M OSRS gold in total. So needless to say, there is a fairly high price to pay for using this method.

We will then be moving onto chinchompas, which unlock when you reach level 45. That said, you should wait to use them until you get to around level 70 first. If you're looking to save money and avoid having to buy OSRS gold, then you can choose grey chinchompas. That said, you will get a much slower rate of XP coming in. Your best choice is going to be the black chinchompa, though they cost 6M OSRS GP per hour.

Good Quests for Training Ranged

There are some useful quests that you can take in as well to train Ranged. You can gain access to the dwarf multicannon for example through the Dwarf Cannon quest. It is a useful quest for training lower levels and helps with slayer training.

You can use the god and armadyl books to give you a ranged attack bonus in Horror from the Deep as well. Meanwhile, Monkey Madness I and II are both very useful for the skill. The chinning caves within Monkey Madness II gives you the platform to earn better XP as well.

You will receive over 10K XP just for completing the Temple of Ikov quest, whilst the Animal Magnetism presents you with Ava's attractor and accumulator. Combined with Dragon Slayer II will reward you with Ava's assembler, which can help you to train Ranged when impacted by the XP from picking arrows up.

Ranged Bosses

Once you have your levels up and maybe even the twisted bow handy, there's a few bosses that you can adopt the Ranged method to. For example, the King Black Dragon is very vulnerable to Ranged, so grab some diamond and ruby bolts to take it down quickly. You will need 61+ Ranged for this to be effective, and the same goes for Jad. With Jad, you can kill him effectively with the rune crossbow, which offers you the fire cape as well.

When you have gotten your Ranged level up to 85, then you have a few more choices. Zulrah is a solo boss that is vulnerable to Ranged, as is Kree-arra. You can also kill Vorkath on a blue dragon task easily using Ranged.

AFK Training

Should you want to take an AFK approach, then go with ammonite crabs. You need to have gained access to Fossil Island first, via the Bone Voyage quest. These are very common ways of training because of their level 25 combat level. With a max hit of 1, you don't really have much to worry about.

There's also the chance of them dropping fossils. You can collect these to get an XP lamp and kudos which can then be put into Ranged. When you get to the higher Ranged levels, there will be more monsters that you can train with the AFK method than ammonite crabs.

Another option would be to go to the Kharidian Desert to take down banditss. With a saradomin or zamorak item being worn, the bandits will continue to be permanently aggressive towards you. You will be logged out if you don't move or click for 20 minutes however so be aware.

These are great methods for you to use when training the Ranged skill. Some methods do work better than others, and a lot of it will depend on how much OSRS gold you are willing to part with. The Ranged skill can come in very handy in many situations throughout your time in Old School Runescape. With that said, you should put the time in that you need to in order to get it up to level 99.

Have you maxed out Ranged in OSRS? Let us know in the comments section below!

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