How To Stay Both Stylish And Warm This Winter

The winter season is slowly coming back into our lives and we’re not sure how we feel about it. On the one hand, we must agree with some proud Canadians who rightfully enjoy this season and cherish all its festive vibes and associated holidays. Who doesn’t love having a White Christmas, going skating or skiing with family and friends, getting excited for the New Year, and most importantly having time off from school/work?

However, it is hard to ignore the downsides of this season. Among other things – such as slippery black-ice and extremely cold weather – keeping your style in check can make winter that much more challenging. How can we use our sneaky creative tricks to make the inevitable extra layering just another way to complement an outfit? Here are five tips to make your winter wardrobe the best you’ve had.

Get creative with scarves!

Being able to wear stylish scarves is, personally, my favourite part about the winter season. Aside from protecting you from the freezing weather, oversized scarves – especially tan coloured – never fail to add warmth and a little dash of neutral colour to your outfit! Besides, there are a million ways to wear scarves! Avoid being repetitive. One of the main keys to being a fashionista is being unpredictable and not being afraid to experiment with new ideas and trends. You can try doing a French knot, a double-sided twist, a wrap, or just the classic loop.

Coats, coats, coats!

Coats are the most dominant part of your winter outfit! Put all your effort in making it attract the eye from the first look. As you may know, attractive and bold are concepts that go hand-in-hand, especially when you are using it to enliven up the rather dark pallet of this season. Not only are bright colours exciting and stylish, but they also seem to be a ‘mood lifter’ when you’re feeling blue! Double bonus.

Always be the best at picking SHOES!

Shoes are a girl’s best friend… or better yet, BOOTS are a girl’s best friend! If you’re going for a casual comfortable look, Timberlands could be the way to go! They’re super comfy and they work wonders by making your outfit look cozy and effortless. Cowboy boots for women are another option to spruce up your winter outfits while staying warm and comfortable. But if you’re all about that classy attractive look, then I have three words for you: KNEE-HIGH BOOTS. Black, heeled, knee-high boots are certainly the best investment you can make for the winter season. You can wear them with dresses, knitted skirts, pants, or even a jumper!

Be a pro at layering!

There is no escape from extra-layering in the winter, so why not learn how to be a pro at it? As I mentioned earlier, add scarves, add a button up sweater to your blouse, or add a cute leather jacket to turn your simple look into a bold one.

Invest in accessories!

Nothing is as boring as an “accessory-less” look. A simple white sweater coupled with a pair of jeans may seem very uninteresting, but once you include a fancy watch, some earrings, or just a stylish hat, your outfit will undeniably turn heads!