• By: Allen Brown

How to Tell if You’re Drinking Good Coffee

For most people, coffee is not just a drink. It’s more like a culture. It’s more like a way of life for many people, especially during the cold. The difference between every coffee is the taste and aroma. A good coffee leaves you with an aroma and a fantastic taste. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to identify a quality and good coffee.

Most people care about the quality of the coffee but are interested in the packaging of the container. Coffee is a healthy beverage if you take a good one. Read and learn how to identify a beautiful, quality, and tasty coffee.


When a coffee is fresh, the aroma emanates is delightful, and it feels the air. The aroma of the coffee originates from the various compounds of this beverage during roasting. However, as the coffee gets older, the aroma reduces. Therefore, to know that you are drinking a good coffee, the aroma has to be delightful.

No bitterness or acidity

No good coffee is bitter or has a sour taste. One of the ways to identify a bad coffee is when it tastes bitter and acidic. However, some freshly grown coffees can be bitter and acidic depending on what the brewer wants to achieve. In other words, some species of coffee are often bitter, and some people prefer it. Nevertheless, over 80% want their coffee’s aroma to be delightful, not bitter or acidic. Some things that make a coffee bitter are over-extraction and roasting, poor-quality beans, etc.

Amazing after taste

The aftertaste of the coffee should also be taken note of. Meanwhile, an aftertaste of coffee is how it lingers on your tongue when you have swallowed it. If the aftertaste is bitter and acidic, then you’re not drinking good quality coffee. Your aftertaste of a good and quality coffee is crisp and clean. Also, the aftertaste makes you want to drink more. You can get these from blue mountain coffee.

Bold and not overpowering

The best coffees have a very bold strength, but it’s not overpowering. In other words, the taste should be satisfied and not make a nuisance to your taste buds. How about the boldness of a coffee? It depends on how it is roasted or extracted. Therefore, whenever you are buying a coffee, check how it is roasted, extracted, brewed, etc.

Color of the coffee

The color of the coffee is an important part of this beverage. Usually, a quality coffee has two to three mm high thick and hazelnut-colored crema. In addition, the cremer appears on the surface of the coffee. One of the signs of bad coffee is that it has a light foam with bubbles instead of a crema.


To avoid drinking badly brewed coffee, go to a renowned coffee shop in your area. Also, if you’re buying coffee at home, check how it is brewed, roasted, and extracted before you buy. If the coffee tastes bad, stop drinking and lay your complaints. Finally, you can buy coffee online these days.