How your next visit to Budapest can help the underprivileged

Amidst the beauty and wonder of new places, it can be far too easy to forget the lives and struggles of those we pass by who call our destination home. With cameras, polished Instagram stories, and wallets ready to purchase souvenirs, it is a temptation to travel with a self-indulgent attitude.

Like many popular European cities, Budapest’s shopping district on Váci street is alive with crowds exploring restaurants, clothing chains, and boutiques. However, among the hustle and bustle, one store caught my attention. On the corner of the street, through large glass windows, I saw an array of handmade products like pottery, jam, and candles. Upon entry, I realized this was more than a standard boutique.

ImpactShop is dedicated to the production of handmade goods in the name of equal opportunity. It is also known for ImpactBox, which lives up to its name and supports disadvantaged communities across Hungary.

Gyöngyvér Balog and Dávid Ottlik created ImpactBox to give the underprivileged a chance to express their creativity and receive a better livelihood. Balog and Ottlik and their small search team contacted various organizations throughout Hungary dedicated to sustainability and inclusivity. Many of these organizations support the disadvantaged and disabled, the fight against climate change, and the dreams of small businesses. For example, Golden Granet promotes health-conscious nutrition and buys products from local producers to provide supportive workplaces for those who struggle to find employment.

Similarly, the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service employs young people with intellectual disabilities to classify, prepare, and package tea materials and participate in creative workshops. The Baráthegyi Manufaktúra assists 400 families through daycare, transportation, housing, employment, therapy, and temporary relief. Furthermore, 85 percent of their employees have disabilities and help to cultivate land to produce the materials necessary for soap, syrup, jam, and notebooks.

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An ImpactBox is a selection of gifts such as handcrafted or natural products from organizations engaged in meaningful work like those aforementioned. These boxes are released several times a year (announced on their Instagram and can be ordered online (within EU countries only) as gifts for friends, families, and coworkers.

Whether you are visiting an EU nation and would like to order online or just passing through Budapest, it is well worth purchasing products from ImpactShop.

A visit to ImpactShop provides the opportunity to brighten up your home and support the organizations positively shaping Hungarian society.

You can find ImpactBox in Budapest at Váci u 41, 1056 Hungary, or visit them online at